Bonesetting- A 3000 year old practice

Fixing what’s broken


August 22, 2019

/ By / Delhi

The Lajpat Rai Market in Chandni Chowk, one of Delhi’s oldest areas, is a hub of electronic goods and repairing. From a transistor to broadcasting systems, from LEDs to HMIs, here you can buy anything and yes, even get them repaired!

However, it’s not just the electronic parts that are repaired in these cramped lanes.

Amidst the ambience of screw drivers and soldering machines, is Satish, a senior Delhiite who is seen sitting comfortably on an upholstered cushion in his concise stall. Approached by a number of people daily, Satish has managed to earn a good name in the vicinity, thanks to his 40 years of  presence in the market.

Fondly called as “Pehalwan ji”, Satish is one of the many bone-setters in Delhi. He claims to hold an ability to cure all kinds of bone injuries without a clinical surgery. X ray reports are of no use for Satish as he can even spot a fracture with just a touch of his hand.

Bone-setting is an ancient  practice that is considered to be  3000 years old. It includes joint manipulation and even resetting bone fractures. It was the main treatment for bone injuries before the advancement of medical science.



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