Forever Young Bob Dylan turns 76

A birthday tribute to the Nobel laureate


May 24, 2017

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Here’s a birthday tribute to the ‘Forever Young’ Nobel laureate, Bob Dylan. His songs gave the world a new perspective to look at life.

Bob Dylan is one musician who is popular beyond boundaries. On the 76th birthday of Nobel-laureate, musician and songwriter Bob Dylan, here’s a tribute to the songs and movies inspired by the multi-talented artist. After Rabindranath Tagore, he is only the second songwriter to get a Nobel Prize for Literature and he is also the winner of Grammy, Academy and Golden Globe awards.

His choice of few, simple and overwhelming words has found a crucial place in the timeline of social discussions across the world, and particularly in India, a country he visited once as a Hippie Hill pilgrim, owing to the Nobel Prize in Literature that has been bestowed on him, like never before.

Born on May 24, 1941, in Duluth Minnesota, the musician’s original name was Robert Allen Zimmerman, which he changed to Bob Dylan in 1962. His unique lyrics still draw attention as it has various political, social, philosophical, and literary influences.

Shillong, the capital of north-eastern Indian state Meghalaya, hosts informal celebratory concerts every year on May 24. Local bands like Soulmate are inspired by Dylan and the celebration attracts musicians and fans from all over the country.

According to reports in the Indian media, Dylan had once come to Kolkata in 1990 to attend the wedding of the son of folk singer and musician Purna Das Baul. This is the only time the maverick had come to India.

It’s truly amazing to consider how enormous Bob Dylan’s influence has been to the world of music as without Dylan, we might have never heard Jerry Garcia play one of his beautiful guitar solos on an electric guitar, The Beatles might have never been introduced to their psychedelic side, and The Band may have never made their way into the public eye.



    I am Bapi Das Baul (Subhendu Das), I am son of Purna Das Baul and one of the member of this family, I saw TV news and news papers article and got very much surprised of all those story, “Bob Dylan’s day in Kolkata for wedding, a Baul for a friend” in a wedding Bob Dylan came in Dhakuria, Kolkata!!!! After Dylan get the Nobel prize some person trying to come in front news, with making some fake news. Please check out Indian immigration list at that period of time and Indian embassy in USA for visa .
    This is not at all true and happened. Bob Dylan never came to our house in Dhakuria, Kolkata. This is totally lies, untrue and cheap idea to reach quickly media’s and people’s attention and air footage, in this great moment when really a Legend going to receive his Nobel Prize. Take a nasty opportunity in the great time.
    At that time I was living in that house 59/A, Maharaja Tagore road, Dhakuria, Kolkata, with my parents too, in each days, each hours, each seconds and participate in all the family events. At that time, I was taking care and organized that marriage ceremony like in one Bengali family’s elder brother are doing. From booking sikka palace, guests invitation.
    Also I assured you that, as Bob Dylan never came to Dhakuria, he never ever went by car with anyone up to sikka palace in Ballygunge. Sorry, this is another lie story like some others. Yes, some family friends came from USA, even after heard that they are surprised too.( if you want I can send their names and contact too).
    I saw the video report in TV and also your newspaper article, so, understand that it is not only medias fault or mistake. Please media should check out the immigration lists at that period and pay more attention.
    Yes, my father saw or meet 2 times Bob Dylan, first time on his USA tour organized by Mr. Albert Grossman, all those photos with Bob Dylan including record cover(John Wesley Harding)1967 , also because my uncle Laxman Das Baul, Dylan, likes him was as good friend and 2nd time with my elder brother Krishnendu Das on tour with my father and mother, and he manage with help of Al.Aronowitz and THE BAND to have two pass in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN MANHATTAN, NY, for Bob Dylan’s birthday party in 1985(PRIVET) but my mother did’t went, she stayed in Badal Roy’s house.
    I am very proud and grateful that me, my all brothers and sisters are one of the member of this very oldest eight generation of Baul family who have so many history in past. So before anyone find out this craps and fake story, I apologize from my family for this big mistake.
    I like the real facts and truth have to come in front. So I am taking total responsibility to write this. I like to stop more further confusions between fans and upcoming young generations, because we all are responsible to serve them truth and reality. But always my big respect for my legend family.

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