Interview of Goutam Deb, Tourism Minister, West Bengal

"We are trying to attract more European tourists"

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June 24, 2016

/ By / Kolkata

The new cabinet ministry in West Bengal after the recent state elections witnessed a few major changes in position. The development of tourism in the state was identified as one of the prime focus of the state government.

With a plethora of experience in the state development affairs especially in North Bengal, Goutam Deb stepped in to take charge of the tourism sector of the state. In this exclusive interview with Media India Group, the newly appointed tourism minister speaks about the future policies of the state to enhance global tourist footfall in West Bengal.

Goutam Deb also talks about how the state is implementing new ideas to develop the infrastructure of North Bengal – one of the most visited areas by Europeans.

Film tourism – a niche tourism sector is also one of the prime focus of the West Bengal tourism ministry and the minister expresses his commitment to promote the state as a potential film tourism destination.



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