Interview with Colin Gonsalves, founder and director, Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)

Fighting violence against women in India


June 2, 2017

/ By , and / New Delhi

As the nation has been reeling from increased cases of violence against women, MIGTV interviewed Colin Gonsalves, founder and director of Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), a network of advocates and professionals that offers legal assistance to advance human rights in India and the sub-continent.

Skeptical and critical of India’s position in terms of safety for women, Colin Gonsalves talks about the various forms of violence perpetuated against women, the possible causes, and the challenges faced by a victim in getting justice.

While only 30 percent of women and children in India tell someone about being a victim of sexual violence, an even lesser 1 percent report it to police.

[In 2012, a study conducted in New Delhi, by UN Women, found that 92 pc of women reported having experienced some form of sexual violence in public spaces in their lifetime, and 88 pc of women reported having experienced some form of verbal sexual harassment (including unwelcome comments of a sexual nature, whistling, leering or making obscene gestures) in their lifetime.]



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