Interview with Himanshu Talwar


August 29, 2022

/ By / New Delhi

Switching from speaking Spanish with a Latin American flair to learning the Japanese way of life and their language is not something many Indians, especially those who have grown up in India, would be able to handle. But successfully achieving this huge career switch and overcoming many other challenges are precisely the elements that have propelled management consultant and international trade expert Himanshu Talwar to where he is today.

Blessed with a good education from reputed institutes and having benefitted from a highly successful career, giving back to the society and helping others has been his motto. Talwar has long been keen to spread his knowledge and good fortune amongst the less fortunate. Be it through career guidance or even things as basic as providing books or helping underprivileged students with their tuition fees, Talwar has never stopped sharing or caring.

Tracing Talwar’s journey can be done through many lenses, for he is a multifaceted personality – a Management Guru, a c, a writer, a humanist and a spiritually-inclined traveller.