India Ranks Fifth Most Vacation Deprived Country

The list of reasons is long and heavy

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December 22, 2017

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A recent study by a leading online travel agency states that Indians are vacation deprived, mostly owing to reasons, not in their control.

Busy work routines are depriving Indians from going on vacations, a recent study has revealed. Globally, India has been ranked as the fifth most vacation deprived country due to heavy work schedule. The statement was made after 60 per cent respondents corroborated with the view during a survey conducted by Expedia Vacation Deprivation Report 2017. Expedia is a full-service online travel agency.

South Korea stood at number one position with 82 per cent, followed by France (66 per cent), Malaysia (65 per cent) and Hong Kong (64 per cent), the report showed.

Among the least vacation deprived country Norway is ranked number one at 38 per cent followed by the Netherlands (39 per cent), Ireland (44 per cent), Sweden (44 per cent) and Taiwan (44 per cent).

The survey was conducted by Northstar Research Partners for Expedia between September 4-15 2017 amongst 15,081 respondents all 18 years and above across 28 countries in North America, Europe, South America, and the Asia Pacific.

The findings also revealed that 55 per cent Indians take fewer days from the vacation days they are entitled to, while 28 per cent are unable to take off-days as work schedule is packed or there is not enough staff to cover their absence.


A good holiday and disconnecting from work at least once or twice a year is crucial for rejuvenating

“It is very important to inculcate an organisational culture that promotes healthy work-life balance through timely vacations. While technology helps us leave the office in time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are disconnected from work,” said Expedia India marketing head Manmeet Ahluwalia.

The survey also found that 37 per cent of Indians who have not taken a holiday in the last six months is because they cannot afford a vacation.

The findings also revealed that 36 per cent Indians have been at work for the past six months as they can’t get time off from the work, and 27 per cent are saving their time for a long holiday.

The report suggested that a good holiday and disconnecting from work at least once or twice a year is crucial for rejuvenating not just the body, but the mind as well.

The survey also revealed the findings of the 55 per cent Indians who shared that being vacation deprived results in decreased productivity at work and of the 64 per cent who said they are more focused once back from the vacation.

In India, 67 per cent people (third globally) cancelled or postponed vacation plans because of work, as compared to 75 per cent in Thailand and 70 per cent in the UAE, it pointed out.

The report also revealed that 34 per cent Indians don’t mind a deduction in their salary in exchange for extra vacation days.

In lieu of having extra vacation days, 97 per cent Indians are also willing to give up something for a week, including television( 47 per cent), Internet ( 30 per cent), alcohol (46 per cent), dessert (39 per cent), social media (47 per cent), television (54 per cent).

There are also five per cent people who would not quit anything.

Research has also shown that while Indians received 21 annual vacation days, they could only take 15 vacation days in the year.

Countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Finland, UAE get back 30 vacation days. USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand give 15 working days off and Hong Kong gives 14.

But despite Indians having a decent share of days to take leaves, reasons like their schedule not matching with their spouses or the option of monetising their unused leaves often stops them from going off work.



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