Chennai Malayalee Club leads Onam 2023 celebrations

Tamilians join hands with Malayalees to mark festivities in Chennai


September 1, 2023

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Onam, one of the principal festivals of the Malayalee community is celebrated not just in Kerala, but around the world as well. The Chennai Malayalee Club in Tamil Nadu’s capital, Chennai, saw the Tamilians join hands with the Malayalee community in the city to celebrate the occasion.

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Kerala’s main festival, Onam, was celebrated with great enthusiasm not just in the state, but also in other parts of India and across the globe and not just by the Malayalee community, but others also joined in the festivities.

In Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai, the main festivities of Onam were held at the Chennai Malayalee Club, an institution dating from 1897, where the Tamilians joined in to celebrate the festival. The club was established in 1897 under the patronage of the then Royal Houses of Travancore, Kochi and Kozhikode. According to the club’s website, it is the oldest socio-cultural institution in India and is not just a club but a true symbol of Kerala’s rich tradition and heritage.

Onam is one of the most awaited festivals and is celebrated across Kerala, irrespective of caste and religion. According to folklore, Onam is associated with the arrival of ‘King Mahabali’ or ‘Maveli’, under his rule everyone lived in happiness and equality. When Mahabali fulfilled Vamana’s promise, he offered his head, and Vamana sent Mahabali down to Pathala (Netherworld) with his third step.

However, Vamana (Lord Vishnu) accepted Mahabali’s wish and allowed him to visit his people once a year, and that day of his return was celebrated as Onam.

It is also a harvest festival that marks the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the harvest season. Onam is celebrated with great enthusiasm and celebrations include various cultural events like boat races, flower decorations, traditional dances Kaikoti, Pulikali and feasts.

‘‘Every year, members of the Chennai Malayalee Club and their families are invited to celebrate Onam. This time, for the first time in history, the club celebrated the festival for five days,’’ Swapna Nair, a member of the club, tells Media India Group.

(Photo and Text by: Lavanya R)



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