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November 22, 2018

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India Outbound

November-December 2018

Meet Mridula Dwivedi. Much loved travel blogger, doting mom. This is a woman, real and relatable, who tests her limits with every trip she takes. We’re inspired!


The Abyss slide



Harmony of the Seas was my first ever cruise experience and at that moment in 2016, it was the biggest cruise ship in the world! We were sailing from Southampton in United Kingdom and even before leaving for the voyage, there was a lot of buzz and talks about the Ultimate Abyss Slide.

While I was waiting my turn on the Ultimate Abyss, the behemoth slide on the Harmony of the Seas, the two people sliding down at that moment were screaming at the top of their lungs! It felt like they were being tortured inside… There was just one more person ahead of me and soon it would be my turn.

The slide is dry and there is no need to wear a swimsuit. In fact you need to slide sitting inside a bag because the Ultimate Abyss is made of stainless steel. Without a bag there would be high friction. Even though you go at 14 km per hour, it feels ridiculously fast inside the twisting turning tube! The slide starts at Deck 16 and ends at Deck six!

A young lad at the mouth of the tunnel told me to hold the slide with one hand and enter. I was clutching the bag handle with all my might with the other. And suddenly I shot off like a bullet! How long does the slide last? It must have been a few seconds in all but I am sure I acquired a few more grey hairs in that time frame!

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Flyboard experience at Chaweng Beach



The year feels a little incomplete if I do not visit Thailand at least once. On this trip to Koh Samui I realized that it doesn’t feel foreign to me any more! I feel at home in Thailand! I had no inkling that it will also result in my first flyboard experience, it was not even remotely on agenda! As I was walking back to my hotel via the Chaweng Beach, I saw a flyboard and went by the shop to ask for the rates. I told him with regret that I had no time as I had a flight to catch. What if I walked fast and ran back to the beach? What if I missed the flight? Nah I would only miss the lunch! Arguing thus with self, I reached my hotel. I dumped everything, donned a swimwear and a dress on top of it, took enough money, my GoPro and mobile and I ran back to the Flyboard spot. I ended up doing more tumbling than flying! In my opinion the ability to drink salt water is the first requirement to try the flyboard! When we were in waist deep water Nai, my instructor, asked me to get inside the boots. That was done without much difficulty. He also told me how to change directions while floating with the flyboard which was once again easy to follow. Then he explained how to stand with the heavy boots, that was not so easy to follow! What was not easy at all was to fly! Most of my attempts to stand resulted in immediate tumble in the sea! While swimming is not a must for flyboard, it helps if you know, as you would automatically keep your mouth shut when falling in water! The one time due to some trick of fate I did take off, the tumble was from a greater height! Thus went my 10 minutes of flyboard experience!

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Helmet Diving in Boracay



The day we went Island hopping in Boracay I already had a lot of excitement. I indulged in snorkeling and cliff jumping already but when helmet diving in Boracay was offered I could not let it go. In helmet diving they put on the heavy helmet on your head which is connected by a pipe to the oxygen cylinder and lower you down to the bed of the ocean. It is not very deep. Because of the pipe tied the oxygen cylinder you cannot go very far but it is still a lot of fun. I found it definitely less stressful then scuba diving. I was not sure what was going to happen. There were two instructors who clicked pictures and made sure that we were safe. They explained the hand signals while briefing us on the platform because once inside, no one can talk! The main concern was pressure on the eardrums and how to equalize it! I did not feel any pressure while in the ocean. We spent about 15 minutes connected to pipe on the bed of the sea. I could breathe easily. The helmets are loose and little water comes inside. We were briefed about it. They told us that it was not a cause of worry ,the water will not go higher up in the helmets. One of the instructors gave us fish food which we held in our hands and fish would come flocking to us!

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Zip Riding



I have a love/fear relationship with adventure. Before the adventure begins, I fear it a little (OK sometimes a lot) but I love it after I am done with it. The length of the zip line at the Bobrovy Log Fun Park is about 760 metres (2490 feet) and the top speed is 88 km per hour (55 mper hour). Four people can ride side by side. And you get to go up a ski lift to reach the Zip Riding point. I did not approach the station with my heart thudding in my mouth as I have tried it before in some other countries. I presumed this was not going to be any different! I had no idea before I heard myself that I screamed and laughed so much during the ride! Here’s to having many more such screaming experiences across the globe!

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Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula Dwivedi


Mridula Dwivedi is a veteran tourism blogger. She started her travel blog in 2005. A Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur, she was a professor till she quit her job in 2015 to live a life around travel. A great photographer, she has +190 000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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