EIFE organises 2nd Global Skill Development Meet in Paris

'Making India a Global Hub of Skilled Manpower - The Next Step'

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June 27, 2017

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Keeping in mind the current needs of the youth, the Government of India as well as the global industry, the Embassy of India, Paris and Europe India Foundation for Excellence (EIFE) organised the second Global Skill Development Meet (GSDM 2017) in Paris, France, from June 19-23, 2017.

Organised along with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), GSDM was held with the central theme of ‘Making India a Global Hub of Skilled Manpower – The Next Step’.

The conference was attended by many prestigious European organisations coming from various sectors, including agriculture and food processing, defence and aviation, tourism and hospitality, textile and handicrafts, automotive and manufacturing, along with beauty and wellness, among many others.

To promote Europe-India collaboration in the field of skill development, the week-long event started with a ‘Knowledge Enhancement Tour’ in France from June 19-21. During this event, visits to some of the top training institutes and centres in France were organised. The six major sectors covered were – construction, defence and aviation, health, automotive, manufacturing, and textile. The tour was a unique opportunity for India to exchange knowledge with their European counterparts, hold extensive discussions, understand various European strategies and process of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and then assess the prospects of future collaborations and engagements with them.

On June 22, the second part of the event took the participants to the Paris Air Show 2017, which was held with the theme – ‘Make in India in Defence and Aeronautics: Mapping the Skills and Ecosystem’. The session took a look at the current situation of skills accessibility in India to accompany the country’s ambitions of becoming a large defence production hub.

Finally, the conference scheduled for June 23, was the second Global Skill Development Meet, which was an opportunity for Indian states and institutions responsible for skilling in India to convey the challenges of skilling the nation’s youth. The discussions elucidated on steps needed to formulate strategies for developing progressive curriculum for training of trainers, overseas internship and exchange programmes and tech transfer, among others, to fill the loopholes in the existing training system in India.

“We look forward to consolidating our partnerships with our key accounts, and OECD in particular, by fixing together the date of the next conference, which will be instrumental in fine-tuning the basis and objectives of our partnership by reflecting on the agenda and informing on the directions taken. We are also looking at widening and deepening our network of companies interested in India and vice versa, by identifying companies that are looking for collaboration,” said count Christopher de Breza, chairman, EIFE.

Powered by a vision to promote innovation and excellence in skill development, the EIFE has established a firm foothold in this field in India. Steering on the success of two conferences, EIFE moved onto the second episode of global skill development meet to address the significant disparity between the requirement and the supply of skilled manpower, which, unless checked, will impede the economic growth of India.



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