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India to seize Trade, Industry, Tourism, Investment and Service opportunities from Indonesia


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October 10, 2016

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Live music performance on Gamelan music instruments

Indonesia Exposé Day 2016 was a three day flagship event organised with the aim to showcase Indonesia’s potential in trade, industry, tourism, and services sectors, and to attract investment and tourism from India.

“Music binds together and what better way to begin this event than music”, said Devin Narang, executive committee member of FICCI. And so the first day started on the melodious notes of Gamelan music instruments and with the Ambassador of Indonesia to India, H.E. Rizali W. Indrakesuma cutting the ribbon and banging the gong.

In a first, the Indonesia Exposé 2016 organised various events to bring to fore the multi-faceted culture of the south east Asian island in a bid to attract increased tourist footfall from India, and highlighted its economic strengths to encourage joint ventures with India. Organised in association with Aditya Birla Group, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHDCC and ICC, the event was held from 7th -9th October, 2016.

An eventful three-day agenda

The programme consisted of exhibitions, business forums to promote B2B/B2G talks and seminars, workshops on cooking the traditional dishes using the Indonesian Palm oil and the basic techniques of the batik textile, cultural and artistic performances, and fashion shows by some of the country’s best artists.

The exhibition displayed at the venue walked the visitors through the various colours and flavours of the archipelago. From the multi-purpose Indonesian Palm oil to fine and exquisite batik apparels, fresh Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, and many other products, such as the Rudraksha beads, gold bars and jewellery, Kopiko coffee candies, spices, and cheese and chocolate dipped crackers.

Platform for new business tie-ups

The programme witnessed some of the top business leaders such as Aditya Birla Group, Kundan Group and OLAM International, all of whom have established their business presence in Indonesia. Issues such as export of gold jewellery, Indonesian coffee, the need for renewable (solar) technology, textile trade and Palm oil trade were at the heart of Business Talk Shows.

“This is the first ever integrated promotion event in 65 years of bilateral relations and 11 years of strategic partnership between the two nations”, said Taufik Rigo, chairman of the Committee.

Seeing the Exposé as an opportunity for Indian businesses to engage extensively with Indonesia, H.E. Indrakesuma expects the event to be a fruitful and beneficial platform to invite Indian investment in infrastructure, energy, and service sectors of Indonesia. He also highlighted the need to diversify exports in India besides that of Palm oil and coal, of which India is their biggest market.

Anil Khaitan, vice chairman of PHD Chamber of Commerce, took the opportunity to invite Indonesia to “visit, invest and Make in India” while highlighting India’s focus on Ease of Doing Business and the country’s improving rank in World Bank.

Winning more tourists

India presents itself as a huge potential market for Indonesia that is looking to further develop its tourism. Tapping diverse forms of tourisms, such as medical tourism, cruise tourism, is also part of the three-day programme.

While Indonesia receives a great number of Indian tourists, the figures appear insignificant when compared to its neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore that receive far greater number of Indian tourists. These countries also happen to be the transit stops for India travellers headed towards Indonesia. To establish a successful inflow of tourists from India, ambassador Indrakesuma proposes, as solution, the development of direct non-stop flights between the India and Indonesia.

“The interest of tourism industry lies in both the countries. An MoU has been signed between the countries to develop a direct flight”, said Taufik Rigo, chairman of the Committee. However, its success depends on the policymakers of the two nations who need to take it further, he continued.

The Indonesia Exposé 2016 is being seen as an excellent platform to enhance strategic and economic partnership and bilateral cooperation among all stakeholders. Besides looking forward to some fruitful joint operations across many sectors, this event is also expected to improve people-to-people ties between the two nations.

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