New Delhi to get monsoon showers in two days

Above average rain beneficial for farmers

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June 28, 2016

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Monsoon showers in two days

After a long spell of hot and humid weather, Delhiites enjoyed a fresh spell of rains on Tuesday morning bringing a bit of relief. Thanks to these episodic showers, the temperature in the Indian capital dropped to 28 degrees celsius, against 39.6 degrees previously, turning the weather comparatively pleasant.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the monsoons will reach full steam New Delhi by the 1st of July. So, in the coming weeks there will be some wet weather to enjoy, even it has been delayed by few days.

The previous days, the weather in the Indian capital had remained warm and humid, with a less rains throughout the month of June. So far, New Delhi had recorded extremely low rains, 16.7 mm in June compared to the average normal monthly rains of 82.2 mm.

However, in the coming days clouds will remain floating over the city and rains will increase throughout July.

The blessing will be shared. Heavy rains were also recorded in some parts of the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and the IMD predicts more rains there this week.

In the rest of India, many parts will also experience heavy rainfall, such as in the coastal areas and south interior parts of Karnataka, as the southwest monsoon strongly remained over this state.

Bengaluru, in Karnataka, will remain under overcast sky with moderate to light rains towards the evening and possibly nights with strong surface winds.

The Met Department has also warned about heavy rains over Goa and its coastal area (South West), while Central India is likely to get a spell of intense rains in coming days.

A fresh boost to the kharif plantations

India being still mostly a rural country, good monsoons rains prove to be vital. Delays in the monsoon or dry weather affect the entire country.

The monsoon remained 15% lower than average in June, which has led summer-crop plantations such as cotton, rice, soybean and sugar cane to drop by nearly 24% on a whole.

As per the IMD forecasts, the above average rains expected in the coming days would compensate, at least partly, earlier low rains. This is good news for farmers who have suffered two consecutive droughts, in 2014 and 2015. It is also expected to give a fresh boost in India to the kharif plantation, – crops cultivated during the rainy season, such as rice and millet,- once the monsoon reaches other parts of the country, in the coming week.

Typically the monsoon rains arrive by the 1st of June at the southern coast, then reaching Central and Northern India, and they start retreating by September, from the Western state of Rajasthan.

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