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Pop, short for popular music originated in neighbourhoods across the US


November 22, 2018

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India Outbound

November-December 2018

Pop music in the USA


Christopher Thompson President and CEO, Brand USA

Christopher Thompson President and CEO, Brand USA

The American tourism promotion board has declared music as its theme for the year. In an interview with India Outbound, Christopher Thompson, the president and CEO of Brand USA, talks about the hip and happening pop culture and how exciting it is for young tourists from India.

Why do you think the music and pop culture of USA would appeal to young visitors from India?

What makes USA the most aspirational destination to Indians is probably our our pop culture. That is what defines us as a young nation. American music has been shaped by our immigrant population and that includes influences from Indians as well.

What kind of music events or festivals can one look forward to in USA?

I learn that there is a Bryan Adam’s concert happening in India and everyone is excited about this singular opportunity. In the US, in places like Las Vegas, you can have 10 such experiences on a single visit.

What makes young Indian tourists important for the US?

Out of 1.3 billion Indians, there are 700 million young people who are under the age of 35. By 2020, the median age is going to be 29 years and when I think about a younger demographic, everything in the United States is appealing to them. So, this makes India the youngest country in the world and the aspirational nature of the USA is going to be very compelling for it.

The US has eased its visa procedure. Can you break this down for our readers?

Visa refusal rates are actually down in India. One of the newest things that has happened is the Global Entry Programme which is what we use as Americans to get back into our country and it is now available to our Indian friends and visitors. They can go online and register just like we do. So, it almost makes it as close to what the world used to be before the world changed, as far as entry into our country is concerned.

  • Pop, short for popular music originated in neighbourhoods across the US, when people of various ethnicities came together and merged their musical talents.
  • Pop music transcends geographical borders, races, and even traditional music styles.It is the music of today.
  • Traditional guitars or electric ones, playing of pop music is not restricted to instruments either.
  • It is one genre that is continuously evolving and is thus never too old to be hip, happening and in trend.
  • Pop beautifully encapsulates genres like hip-hop, rap, and jazz.
  • Elvis Presley is one of the first stars associated with the genre and with the popularity of pop music. He fused country music with black rhythm and blues and came up with rock-and-roll.

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