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City of Joy decks up to welcome Santa


December 24, 2019

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Christmas in Kolkata is not just a festival that is celebrated out of religious compulsion but because it makes everyone feel good. It is during this time when thousands take to streets wearing Santa hats browsing through the innumerable stalls in and around Park Street that is soaked in the festive spirit.

This Christmas, people in Kolkata are seizing the opportunity to drench under the mirth of the age-old tradition. In the days preceding the festival, people took to rejoicing in the celebratory mood. The emotional and fearful turmoil, sprouting from the anti-CAA protests, had made the city cold. However, after two consecutive dull weeks, this week the crowd started swelling in the most famous area known for its Christmas celebrations – Park street.

The spirit of Christmas in Kolkata is just as the lanes of Park Street, where when the illuminations are switched on, along with the Christmas trees and other decorations, turning the area into a magical land for a few days.

Media India Group headed out to capture the spirit of Christmas on the buzzing roads of the City of Joy. The vibrant colours of lights shaped up in the form of a star and akin to halo hung lose from the minutely visible threads. Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, the traffic police directed people to walk strictly on the sidewalks.

Hawkers try to convince the onlookers on the streets into buying their products. Wearing hair-bands specially designed for Christmas with either a pair of crafted reindeer smiling over the ears, pink and red long bunny-ears, or devil headbands lighting up in red, people march on the streets ablaze with lights. New Market, one of the oldest and finest shopping hubs in Kolkata, like every year, is decorated stunningly. The place is adorned with the circular white balls which shine brilliantly due to the tangled wires of tiny bulbs inserted inside them. Citi mart at Esplanade, to the delight of its customers, has put up a big statue of Santa alongside a small Christmas tree, where people wait to get their pictures clicked.

In the middle of the market, stands a grand and majestic figure of Santa Claus welcoming the crowd. Big boxes wrapped in shiny gift wraps are piled up beside the massive figure of Santa.

On the other end of Park Street is Allen Park famous for being a venue for cultural and musical performances during Christmas. Carol singers alleviate the fun quotient with cheerful Christmas songs on Christmas Eve. The seats are filled up with zealous crowd singing along. Children enjoy the festival and delightfully play in the park. Some through their naked eyes and some through the lens of their camera admire the Christmas decorations.  The lightings on the streets stay on well into the New Year, a sign that the city does not want to get over the Christmas feeling.

Since it is Christmas, how can one forget about the food? Festivals give an excuse to add up all the calories and keeping in mind the keen interests of people, you will find stalls selling varieties of food set up along the pavement of the main road. A wide range of delicacies such as varieties of cake, pastries, snacks, biriyani etc., lay served on the table. Food shops can also be seen swarming with food lovers.

Christmas continues to be a social convention in India. Its ecstatic and jubilant tune brings harmony amid the discord.  Media India Group wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead!

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