India Art Fair 2016

Promote South Asian Contemporary Art


January 13, 2016

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India Art Fair Venue

India Art Fair Venue

The India Art Fair 2016, which will be held from 28th January to 31st January, will showcase South Asian contemporary art at NSIC grounds, Okhla, in New Delhi.

India Art Fair was first organized in the year 2008 and rooted itself as South Asia’s number one platform for showcasing modern and contemporary art. The fair gives recognition to the arts in the region at every level of the market and is building on foundations through a number of new initiatives and developments.

Recognizing the fair’s key priorities in the development of South Asian Arts, this year the presence of artists from countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan would be symbolic.

“I am so glad that the Pakistani and Bangladeshi artists will be presented in Delhi,” said during the Fair presentation Tasneem Mehta, Managing Trustee, BDLM.

Through a program named ‘Platform’, young and emerging artists’ key Art spaces and collectives will be presented at the fair. This a great opportunity for the contemporary artists who might would have not find a place to exhibit their art and talent. ‘Platform’ is directed towards the presentation of regional art spaces and collectives.
“IAF highlights the best art across disciplines in India and the region, renewing its synergy with the art community at all levels affirming to its status as the definitive reference point for South Asia”, said Zain Masud, International Director of the India Art Fair.

Along with ‘Platform’, the fair will also host two other programs, ‘Institutional’ and ‘Spotlight’, which will respectively focus on displaying significant new works from 14 selected artists and moving art.

International galleries

The fair will present a selection 70 galleries including Grey Noise (Dubai), Hafez Gallery (Jeddah), Edel Assanti (London), Sabrina Amrani (Madrid), Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch (Rome), GALLERYSKE (Bangalore and New Delhi and Gallery Espace (New Delhi).

The goal is also to promote contemporary art and enlarge its audience. “It is important to engage the public and educate the community in the arts. This is what the fair is doing,” said Tasneem Mehta.

The primary motive of the fair is to promote art as a civic necessity. “Art fairs play a crucial role in making art accessible to a hundreds of thousand people and provides opportunity to view art that is generally only accessible to a few,” exclaimed Ranjan Anand, Managing Director Google, India.

This year, for the first time IAF will also screen advanced films and videos from Asia and also from other parts of the world. The Indian Art Fair recognized a space called ‘IAF Atrium’, which will host performances, book launches and talks. This new space will also showcase inaugural films focusing on film as an art.



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