Italian Art in Delhi

Terra Incognita, India through dream maps


December 15, 2015

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Italian Art in Delhi

Italian Art in Delhi

India is at the centre of the maps displayed at the art exhibition ‘Terra Incognita’, in the Italian Cultural Centre in Delhi, till January 10 2016. Italian artist Pietro Ruffo goes across the history of the country through different times, using old or more modern maps and transforming them with added material, such as paper butterflies, drawings, painted motifs, flags, broken lines…
As the curator, John Xavier explains, “Terra Incognita was a term used by early cartographers and navigators who marked the unchartered territories as Incognita or unknown, and was an important conceptual device in cartography as a method.” And at the same time “terra incognita reflects also the enthusiasm to gather knowledge about unknown lands, cultures and people.”
That is precisely what Pietro Ruffo, a young bearded India enthusiast from Rome, who has exhibited all around the world and who planes to stay few months next year in India in an artist house project, has done.
Giving personal and creative hints about the culture on maps, from the Mughals to modern India. The kind of maps you would like to have for your GPS, to travel and dream at the same time.



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