Uttarakhand’s efforts to procure the miracle herb, “Sanjeevani Booti”

To find evidence on the Mythology in the Himalayas



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August 11, 2016

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Despite the fact that the ages old search for the herb has failed to reveal any results, Uttarakhand government has decided to bestow an amount of INR 250 million (EUR 3.3 million) to search the Himalayas for the magical herb, Sanjeevani Booti, which is supposed to have unique medicinal powers.

According to the Hindu Mythological text, Ramayan, Sanjeevani Booti is believed to be a marvel herb possessing miraculous medicinal properties. Believing the existence of such an herb, the government of Indian state Uttarakhand (North) has initiated a search for the wonder plant in the Himalayas where it is believed will be found. The Indian Central government denies any part in the funding.

With focus mainly on the Dronagiri range of Himalayas, a team of Ayurvedic experts will conduct the search starting from now. Resolute about the search, Uttarakhand’s State minister Surendra Singh Negi said, “We have to try and it will never go to waste. If we are determined, we will certainly find it.”

As written in the ancient text, Lord Ram tasked his devotee Hanuman to find the Sanjeevani herb that would restore his brother’s life. Hanuman, unable to identify the prescribed herb, uprooted the entire mountain and carried it back to save his Lord’s brother. The plant is believed to have life-restoring properties and glows in dark.

About 5,000 years old, Ayurveda is a long established medical system in India which uses herbs to cure ailments. The quest has stirred people’s interest and it might surely grab attention in case related facts are discovered.



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