Durga Puja celebrations in London

Hopping the grander pandals


October 6, 2017

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Durga Puja celebrations in South London; image by Ananya Roy

The Bengali community in London is celebrating Durga Puja, just the way their peers are back home. From traditional food to classical performances, the festive fervour is familiar, and grander than ever.

“During 80s and 90s, there would be only one puja in Central London. It used to be a grand affair, brought together by various families. Gradually people diverted to organising smaller pujas of their own across the city,” recollects Arup Ghose, a member of the organising committee for the puja in South London.

“Now there are around 25 pujas held in London. One can actually go pandal-hopping, just like in Kolkata,” shares Ananya Roy, a UK-India liaison for a social cause.

Durga Puja celebrations are grand in London. The pandals are no less magnificent than the ones back home, except that they are organised inside celebration halls and not set up around the corner at a street.



At the Durga Puja in South London, there is a familiar festive fervour

The fervour is familiar; from decorations to food, traditional performances like the Jatra, and the homecoming of goddess Durga.

“We go buy our idol from Kumortuli in Kolkata and then have it shipped,” says Ghose. “It is not every year we do so, though, as the shipping costs are high. We take care of the idol, store it with other puja material and set it up again, another year,” he adds.

The idol that was used for Durga Puja 2017 was brought two years ago, he tells us.

“I’ve seen the pujas grow in number and exuberance over the years. Earlier the size of the idol would be rather small, but now we have life-size idols at the pandals,” shares Roy.

Roy has been to Kolkata for pujas and feels that the only thing amiss in London is the local artwork done on the streets, in pandals and outside homes.

Other than a quintessential local flavour, the pandals in London are indeed full, with festive energy and also social work by Indians trying to send some goodness back home.

“Besides participating in the celebrations and the organisation at the puja, I am fundraising for a nutrition project in India,” shares Roy.

Roy is one of the few young people who take part in organising the pujas. With Teaching Kitchens for Health, the social  project she is working on, Roy has also been able to give a new dimension to this coming together of the Bengali community in London.

“We do not see many youngsters come forward to lend a hand with organising or managing pujas. People mostly come over to attend them instead,” says Ghose, a millennial who has been central to the work related to pujas, since childhood.


The pujas not just bring together the Bengali community, but also friends from outside the Diaspora

Nevertheless, the celebrations bring together friends and families, and are an opportunity for the Diaspora to come together. “South London Durga Puja is celebrated at Chak 89, which is a hall owned by a Pakistani man. So, we have our friends from the Muslim community lending us a hand with preparations,” shares Ghose.

“The celebrations are organised on the same dates as in India, and for the same number of days. Shoshti, Soptami, Ashtomi, Nobami, Doshami, the five vital days are celebrated with much vigour,” he tells us.

South London Puja is one of the grandest in London; another popular one being the Camden Durga Puja, which is also one of the oldest.

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  1. Mythology of India and Total Durga

    Annesha Chatterjee,
    Ex. Coordinator, Voices The Statesman
    Student- Class XII
    Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani , Nadia

    The ancient Indian analyzers observed that there are some selected new moons and full moons, while the effects of tide are being more powerful. Probably, according to this numerology, the 14-pre full moon days had chosen for adoration of yellow or bright Goddess and 14- pre new moons for dark Goddess. The fact is, Hindu mythology is not so simple. Here, the history of victory of human civilization is being sing-out. In some opinion, once open a time, some parts of present India was close with south-west Asia, close with Arabs. Due to the effect of earth quark / tsunamis or by time, it joined with the base of Himalaya. After the formation of new entering root through present Afghanistan, again Aryan came for better settlement. Another opinion, after the arousing of Himalaya, gradually India formed, as D.L.Roy wrote, – that when the India appeared from deep of the ocean, in the whole world amazed with delight. Delight because, the academic man of the rest world understands that it would be the safe for them.
    Mythology of India also included with symbolic expression of science, arts, culture, and civics of that period, anthropology, and religious metamorphosis! As-
    1) Barambah is a representative of Eurasian. Barambah is the symbol of medicine prepared by copper, and or allied of mercury and gold. Barambah is the God of creation and his place in body is below umbilicus, His colour is red (the part closely related with reproductive system, and bleeding is natural phenomenon of reproduction).

    2) Vishnu is the representative of Caucasians. Vishnu is the symbol of medicine prepared from gold and or iron and Vishnu is the God of life principle, i.e. prana or soul, He activating above four finger high from umbilicus, upon His carrier Gorura , the bird. His colour is coffin or like blue. Probably then scientists (rishes) tried to mention the heart, having circulation of venous blood / blue, and oxygenated blood / red, that is the colour of Vishnu, and the Gorura is the lungs.

    3) Maheshwara/Shiva is the representatives of Mongolians, symbol of medicine prepared from mercury thus whitish. The location of Shiva in body is in brain, colour of the brain matter is grayish white, and the colour of Shiva’s, like the same. Parvati is the symbol of medicine prepared from sulphur etc. . . .

    Hindus are preferring the utter the word “ OM / O W M / O-M-M…” during the utterance, a yogi had the concentrate his mind below umbilicus, then to perineum, and contact the muscles ( aswani-mudra, a yoga practice), and when a efferent sensation developed on back, goes upwards through spinal cord, try to push it more affordably. If the sensation felt, its extension or reaching point on base of brain (? hypothalamus), try to think a picture of Goddess, as prefers. It believed that the practice to control the discharges of afferent f functions of brain. Probably some conceived idea is present behind these practices, that to make the brain in a state of nonfunctional, and then reach in a state of just begging. But what significance carrying the writing character (as presenting during writings) of OM? Upper part is looking likes a placenta, lower part like a baby, and the tell behind is the umbilical cord! So, I may write here, that by this achievement, the old learned persons were tried to telling us to know the basic fact of origination of life, and must adore the basic principle of creation, where the Barambah, Vishnu and Shiva’s are functioning.
    Mythological stories are often grown up according to the then-culture, history of different sector of processing of life and the society, geo-physical peculiarities etc. as –
    1) Theory of development of human race is written in Vishnu’s ‘Dasha-Abatar- Strostram’.
    2) fifty one pieces of body fallen in different places, which are known as “ Sati-Pith”, the high valued place to reach the divine establishment. This may means that (a)there were some divine culture to worship of mother power was present, location of hot spring valued more the places because it is rare, beneficial for body etc.
    The sacred hymns are also either developed or created on the basis of above principle as I perceive.
    Devi Kalika, or Kali most known for destruction of Raktabija (demon). Raktabija had a quality, if anybody strike Raktabija, and any drop of blood fallen, from every drop of blood a new Raktabija would born/developed. Therefore, the situation developed when numerous Raktabija appeared to fought against Devas. To combat this state of affairs, power of Shiva amulmigated with power of Parvati, and a new Devi as Kalika appeared. Devi Kalika swallowed Raktabija one after another. As there were no bleeding happened, so no further Raktabija formed. According to Ayurvada, there is a medicine, named as Kojjoli, prepared from mixing of mercury and sulphur. When the medicine preparation being complete, it’s colour became changed as black. This medicine is applied fro treatment of bleeding. Some experimentalist believes, it could be useful to control the bleeding and growth of cancer. We know one cell of cancer can developed a new tumor quickly on spreading in other parts of a body. So we get some symbolic similarity of activity of Kali- the medicine, to combat the Raktabija, or carcinoma, if you agreed.
    Rishis were known that one time might appear, when the man may would forget the medicinal utility of metals, drugs. So they programmed their teaching for next and next generations, as the view of symbolic practice of religious concept. In Durga puja actually at the beginning we worshiped the nine trees which have remarkable medicinal value. In Kali puja, it also observed the use of fourteen saka ( vegetable), which are useful for prevention and cure of different diseases formed by parasites, which are increased their number just two/three months ago ( monsoon).
    The mythology tells us, Sati, the daughter of King-Daskha, wanted Mahadeva as her husband. While Mahadeva had no home, lived in either burning place of dead body, or on a mountain, wearing skin of tiger, occupation is begging, who the father could allow such good boy as a son- in- law! King Daskha arranges an auspicious, where, according to then system, his daughter Sati can chose her bridegroom her- self specially from the amongst a number of invited suitors. Barambah, Vishnu, Indra all the Divas invited except Shiva there. As Shiva was respected by all so, Daskha, brought an idols of Shiva made by stone. All the Devas were waiting, Sati came, searching Shiva, on looking to the idols, Sati understand everything, she rushed to Idols, offered her garland, all were astonished, the stone became a Diva, Diva-de-dev Mahadiva, and he vanished with Sati. Daskha was furious, but nothing to done. After a long period Dashka arraigned a function, according to then system, a Vedic religious sacrifice always arraigned with function. Daskha not invited his daughter Sati, not even Mahadeva. Sati took it as prestigious to her society, so she decided to go father’s house without invitation. Mahadeva protested, Unyielding Sati trying to escape the home, Mahadeva blocking the door. Then Sati had shown her hidden spiritual quality to Madadiva, as present in respective ten side of our visual world.
    These ten image is known as Dasa-Maha-Vidya (Dasa / ten / total – Maha / great / ultimate – Vidya / know ledges / spiritual perception. These are as –(1) East = Kali / Chamunda,(2) West = Bagala, (3) North-= Bhubanaswari / Kayyatani / Durga , (4)South = Chaynna-Mostha, (5)North- east= Sorashi,(6) South – East = Dhumabati, (7)North – West = Matangi, (8)South – west –=Kamala, (9)Upper = Tara, (10)Below = Bhairabi .
    In one explanation these ten female spirits are nothing but our mother, friend, advisor, teacher; saving, offering the active blessing to all sections of people by ten ways. Another judgment is the female spirit have the ten qualities to cooperated a male. Further elucidation the ten is the ten large opening of a female body.
    *&*The matter I represented here, that I learned from my father. My father also known it Practically from his father (my paternal grand father Late Barish Chandra Chatteree, Ayurved- Scholar.
    Churning of Ocean // Durga Puja // Women empowerment
    Annesha Chatterjee, Coordinator, Voices The Statesman
    Student- Class XII
    Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani , Nadia

    In the morning of Aswina, the symphony of light being started to play, within the exquisite-transcendental- environment, the news of arrival of Thy-mother is demonstrating. The divine resonance, the luminous spirit, influxes from the ‘origin of time’ rhythmically, prevailing throughout the universe with the scenario of splendor and adore.
    According to Hindu mythology, following the advice of Brahma, Gods and demons performed the churning of the ocean. It happened at the first day after new moon of Aswina, and Devi Mahalaya came into existence as necessitated.
    Mondar Parbata (a mountain named Mondar) was offered him to use as the churning stick, while Basuki, the king of snakes allowed him to use as the required rope of churning. To prevent the deep entry of Mondar within the clay, king of the tortoise Kurmaraja placed himself under the said mountain (Mondar). The churning started; one-time demons were drawing the tale of Basuki, another time Gods drew the other end. One after another, the Moon, Maha-Laxmi – seated on the lotus, Uccha-shraba, the white horse, Jewels, etc. aroused and all are collected by Gods with assurance of giving the total share of next. However, at last Physician of Goddess Dhanantari aroused from under the ocean along with the pot of Amrita/Nectar, the liquid made a body immortal. Gods had nothing to say, the Demons took off the pot and prepared to drink. Gods assumed the danger, if the demons would drink it, they would be immortal. Therefore, they made apple to Vishnu. At that time, quarrel developed within the of demons to getting the Amrita at first. Vishnu took this opportunity, he appeared becoming a beautiful woman (Devi Mahalaya, or Mahamaya), and took off the pot containing Amrita, and disappeared. Thus, the power of Devi saved the Gods / positive thinkers. knowledge
    After a lapse of many thousands of years of creation of these conceptions, the divinity of creation again appeared herself as Sri Sri Ma Sarada. Nivedita had seen The Mother Mary within Her and wrote, — Mother! I yield. Take me; I pray Three, into Thine Heart. Let me not look back. If Thou wilt call me I shall find my way there, surely, through my eyes now are blind with tears.
    The mythology of ‘Churning of Ocean ‘has said many things. As, ocean is the storehouse of many required materials of daily life; clever-work is often necessary to save the identity; for the greater benefit of positive thinkers, we may have take the cooperation of unsocial peoples, mother-strength is often required when the males are defeated. At the same time, it also demonstrate that to get the ultimate cream of information as well as comprehension, churning to the deep of Knowledge-hub is the only way etc.
    Source :- AnandabazarPatrika, 3rd October, 2005.. (2) Kali, The Mother, Sister Nivedita, Advaita Ashrama, page = 102, 5, Dehi Entali Road, Kolkata 14

    Tarpan / Mahalaya (New)
    Annesha Chatterjee,
    Ex.= Coordinator, Voices The Statesman
    Student- Class XII
    Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani, Nadia

    The time is coming, the time of adoration of Devi Durga, which is the power of decagonal protection. According to Hindu mythology and religious culture, this year, from new moon of Bhadra (21 August) to new moon of Aswin (19 September) is the Pitripaskha, and then the Devipaskha would be started. This Devipaskha is the high time of worshiping of the extreme unitary divinity as well as the basic absolute principle of creation, development and conclusion within beginner, ultimate absolutes, again.
    We know, If, the conception of divine power comes riding the chair of mathematics, its way must be maid by physics, while the concreters or devotees has to depends upon chemistry!
    Mahalaya, is known as the day of new moon of Aswin. Mahalaya, the term has arrived from Mahalay. By other’s view, Maho means celebration or Jaggya/ sacrificial rite and alaya means place to be arrived.
    Hindus believes that the soul, the spirit, controlling a mortal body. The sole is beyond the effect of birth or death, is moves within the lives of universe though the different plexus. Next, the way of motion of soul is divided into three. As Bhu-loka( earth life cycle), Bhubo-loka/Jome/pitri-loka, where the souls are arrived with results of moral activity, either weal or woe, and Swa/Swarga-loka or heaven, the Gods home.
    It is our concept that in this total Pitripaskha ,all the souls of known, unknown, friend and relatives descend from their own place to see their owns , or to take opportunity of rebirth at this season of cultivation, in this mortal heaven. In addition, at the day of Mahalaya, they return to their previous shelter! They would be more satisfied to get some food, least some sesame or just a few drop of holy water, then the souls get return with a great pleasure too.
    To honour our mythology, at this day, we have to think about them. Their memories arrive, some feels their unforgettable touch with tears. We tell them from within the core of our heart —listen, hear, we do not forget you; we still memorize your love, care, dutifulness. Within the lights, the holy rhythm of musical instruments, we must recollect you whole- heartedly. Please, take water from our cupped palms, accept our humble esteem, do not be thirsty more you are, be satisfied, be delightful, bless us more and more, reveal us the way to reach our goal. … .
    Everything is like, as if, only to be immersed within the inseparable universal humanity and Mahalaya, teaches us the same.
    Oh my God, would their thirst of years be satisfied with this simple minimum water! Might be, while another meaning of water is ‘The Love’, The’ life’. One life offers the love to an immortal soul!
    Analyzers are narrating that at the autumn; the water of heaven denotes the new life with nitrogen on the earth. As a result, new lives grown-up on the field. As if the blessings of forerunners arrived, or more perfectly, the life unanimated, came back on taking another form, to germinate within their inheritors. The mantras, we orating are nothing as the utterance of some word, full of affections. As the sun creates the rain, the rain allows the seeds to unsheathe their own and food prolonging the life again. It is just a revolution of life on a cycle of life. We are just remembering it, with then-ultra concept.
    We are offering this water to all, those who are our relatives of recent or ever, friend or enemies, known or unknown, all the pasts. We are wanting all, we are well coming all, to search out our original roots, as well as to testify our habit of self-discipline, obviously hopefully too. Our cordial respectful water would satisfy all the divine hearts of every corner of the world. It is our duty and our liberty, so why we do not take this opportunity to satisfy ourselves by this minimum work, in this fearsome globalized world?
    Sources= Article of (1) Nabanita Devsen, Anandabazar Patrica. (Year was not written). (2)Sastri R. Mahalaya a Pitritarpan, Udbodhan, 111 issue, page – 611, (2009). (3) Mahalaya-Biplob Sengupta,, poet-Udbadhan.

    Global Art – in – Devi Durga
    Annesha Chatterjee, Coordinator, Voices The Statesman Student- Class XII
    Kalyani University Experimental High School , Kalyani , Nadia

    At the early morning of Aswin ( Sep Oct), the first light of heaven starts to ballet, the earth bathes by the dew, the arranged flying of swan-white, cotton like cloud lets the news of Her influx. The Holy Mother, Creator of the Universe, is arriving to our houses; wouldn’t you ready to converse with Her?
    Devi Durga is probably the highest creation of our academic to divine conception. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahaswara, the three super spirits set their ultimate within Her. On the other hand, all the Gods took part to decorate with beauty and weapon to ‘the crucial creation’. Why not we!
    It is very interesting for general people that the organizer are adopting the different views of arts, culture, science to decorate the pandals also images of Durga. Therefore, it became one type of global representation.
    Particularly in West Bengal, everywhere, just we see how the pandels / artificial temporary temples are constructed.
    Mainly in Kolkata and the close metropolitan cities, it is not an astonishing matter to be amazed to enter in an air conditioned Ajanta-Elora cave, where Mother has appeared with his family members, with the shape of Missourian Pharaoh , or like images of Lord Jagganath, or as a Siberian daughter killing a dragon etc. Popular adjustment of a forgotten Bengali song, Tagore’s or a folk song (Baul) definitely denotes some extra attractions.
    It must be an astonishing to common people when the artificial temples are grown up like a Vatican city*, The Buckingham Palace, Greek architecture, Taj-Mahal, different arts of Odisa, Madhubani of Bihar, or gracious terracotta of Bankura . It is also seen that a complete village of Rajasthan was created** where there was continuous singing, dancing of folk songs Rajasthan beside an artificial river, and on presence of camels (no camel milk was available to us, of course).
    How incredible, in a sculpture of Krishnagar( Nadia),our Mother set on golden Paskhiraj Horse! In rural areas, some real humble artistic creature is shown as I seen, the worshiping with exhibition of drawing, paper cutting, singing, talk show, different quiz competitions, with prize of one rupee pen, or without any except zeal and wit.
    In addition, we are not surprised to see that the maximum economic exchanges of our total country are performed on the very occasion of adoration of Devi Durga.

    Some Socio-Scientific Analysis of Mythology of Devi Durga

    Annesha Chatterjee, Ex. = Coordinator,
    Voices The Statesman
    Student- Class XII
    Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani , Nadia
    Endless heroism, glamorous expression of sense of humanity in premier level, wonder-arousing arts of the entire globe, everything intermingled with one force of worshiping of beauty either joy or make enlighten of own, … .. yes the longest festival of greater section of Indian is knocking on the door, it is Durga-puja.
    If, the divine power of conception comes riding the chair of mathematics, its way must be maid by physics, while the concreters or devotees has to depends upon chemistry!
    According to mythology, Devi Durga often been described as wife of Shiva; as a daughter of king Giri (Himalaya) and Manoca, so She also the daughter of our mother land. Where as spiritual believers are consider the image as a unified strength of main three power of divinity. At a glance, a total unique culture of worshipping, being manifestation through Devi-Durga and its celebrations.
    From analysis of mythology, we learned the three supreme Diva, Barambah- representative of Deccan India, perfectly Eurasian in character; Vishnu – representative of middle India as well as Caucasian and Shiva, representative of Northern India, a Mongolian in origin. Their unification was compulsory while a strong destructive /negative power or Demon/Asura named Mahishura or Durgam/ activated to prove the success of evil-ism. The Diva’s had needed to develop a more strong power, a positive power to eliminate the demons. Therefore, they ultimately created Devi Durga. Hence, Durga is the name of’ human integration’.
    At the begging of puja, in respective three days, priests done a holy bathing of Devi Durga. The process is first set a mirror fully taken the image of Devi. Then carries the process of bathing on uttering the holy mantras and poring the essential materials on the image present within mirror! Water of rives, seven ocean, seven holy place, springs, hot spring, of coconut, of rain, due collecting from grass, leaf of lotus, etc; different oils, earth of holy places, band of both sides of river, of kings house, road junctions, every locations, present on teeth of elephants, etc and many thus money’s. Yes, that indicates to facilitate the every body with everything, is fundamentals for our society. So, if we have to be encouraged engaged and entangles the whole material and lives of the earth within a particular rhythmic ceremony, Devi Durga is the ultimate knowledge of ours. Devi appeared ‘Herself’ to known this social customary.
    It is quite interesting that among the nine planate around our Sun, eight are rotating left to right direction,(87% generating principle) all were considered as Diva, and the ‘life’ is began within the same. Where as only Sukra/the Venus (13 %) moves opposite direction, is considered as the Guru/guide of Demon. Here the mathematics is to support the ‘life / thinker of the creation’ first, number also supporting them. However, it also the truth, that, this Venus shows the right directions to the sailors! Therefore, we may emphasize that another name of democracy is Devi Durga.
    In this festival of worshiping, many of the Mantras (holy prayers) are orating, are based on the primary discovery of anatomy and physiology of human body as well as beautiful linguistic expression is present. All the material needed in pujas, are still uses in our old traditional medical science Ayurveda successfully. Devi Durga also worshipped on a united form of Naba-patrica’. Here the nine useful medicinal plants as detected in this era, are-(1) banana / Musa p,(2) kochu / colocasia esculenta / arum, (3)tarmac / Curcuma d, (4)jayanti /Sesbania ae, (5) bel/ aeglefolis,(6) dalim / punica gr, (7)asoke / Saraca asoca,(8) man / Alocasia I, (9)paddy /Oryza sativa. From our school studies we came to know that the grass / Cynodon dactylon has unique anti hemorrhagic quality, leafs of Tulshi / Ocimum san cures cough, Haritaki (T. chebula) acts as appetizer etc. So, Dive Durga is the storehouse of analysis and propagation of the then science of medicine.
    Tantras (applications of Mantras), work with Yoga’s and utter of some specific word with use of some drugs are likely to arouse self-divine quality etc (a total myth to me). The process so nicely shaped that in this worshiping festival, direct or indirect presence of every group of people has to be required. So, there is no need of any astonishment to see our holy idols as a memento likes within of pyramid, or as a Siberian daughter killing a dragon, and the stage like The Buckingham Palace, or Greek architecture etc. Here, we are not surprised to see that the maximum economic exchanges of our total country also being depends on this very occasion, adoration of Devi Durga.
    Devi Durga previously used to worship in spring as Basanti puja. But according to Ramayana, Rama made unseasonal prayer of Devi Durga, to gain the strengths to defeat Ravana . On following the mythology, it started to worship at autumn. There may be an another social fact that, due to repeated exposure of endemic Small Pox, the time of festival being changed with a story. Therefore, Devi Durga may be considered as the is the Devi of Ecology.
    In due course the Ultimate Goddess of the beauty, victory, fame and sovereignty, came with Her daughter and sons as upper right– Devi Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge), below Ganashaya (God of success, specially of economics); left upper-Devi Laxmy (Goddess of wealth), and below Kerticaya (God of kinetic energy). All the Goddess has third eyes. From the third eye, the affectionate regard of love and mercy being conferred, sin-fault-offence being ruined .At the end of adoration, eternal rhythmic of prosperity , triumph of liberty, love, sympathy and friendship being preached throughout the horizon; energy, peace and equality being extended. Thus, we conditionally bound to love Devi, pray to Devi, Devi Durga.

    Naba-Ratri :: Naba-Durga
    Annesha Chatterjee,
    Ex. Coordinator, Voices The Statesman
    Student- Class XII
    Kalyani University Experimental High School , Kalyani , Nadia

    Thy is coming back, with the change of season. Thy also changes its shape, languages and character, according to the necessity of era. Thy has always carrying the ideals of geology, anthropology, genetics, sociology and medical knowledge. Thy appears in front of our eyes, at the same time within our hearts. Now, Thy would come as the sight of Devi Durga, as a daughter of Manoca and King Himalaya, as the wife of Shiva, becoming our past, present and panoramic protection. All of us are now preparing ourselves to welcome our closest, dearest, nearest affectionate Mother-God. From the very next first day of the new moon of Aswin , Mahalaya( this year from 19 September, 2017), in respective nine days, Thy will be worshiped with of different names and characters, throughout India. On wards the new moon of Aswin, She became Sailaputri at the first, then second as Bramhacharini, third day as Chandraghanta, forth as Kushmanda, Skandamata on fifth, next as Katayyani, Kalo-ratri at seventh, Mahagauri at eighth,, and Siddihadatri at ninth morning of devipaskha. Yogic achievers wanting to get some success on trying to made some breathing exercise etc to change their neuro-hormonal balance, of these respective days. In Gujarat, Rajasthan, and different places, this ‘naba-ratri’, celebrated with huge glamour. Many man and women are maintaining fasting at days, and after worshipping at evening, they break their fasting with only fruits. The tenth day of this festival is known as Dusshera, the day of joy in the eve of crush of Ravana, the symbol of negative thought. On that day an idol of Ravana, Indrajeet and others made by firecrackers are set in to fire to vows the mythology of victory of positive establishment.

    According to some view, Devi Durga also worshipped on a united form of Naba-patrica’. Here the nine useful medicinal plants as detected in this era, are-(1) banana / Musa p,(2) kochu / colocasia esculenta / arum, (3)tarmac / Curcuma d, (4)jayanti /Sesbania ae, (5) bel/ aeglefolis,(6) dalim / punica gr, (7)asoke / Saraca asoca,(8) man / Alocasia I, (9)paddy /Oryza sativa. From our school studies we came to know that the Durba-grass / Cynodon dactylon has unique anti hemorrhagic quality, leafs of Tulshi / Ocimum san cures cough, Haritaki (T. chebula) acts as appetizer etc.
    According to Kalika-purana, Devi Durga is honoured as Mahamaya. She aroused in fourteenth day of new moon of Aswina, then at the seventh day of ongoing full moon took the strengths of Davas, on eighth day She was ornamented and at ninth day triumphed over Mahisa-asura.
    At the ‘Treta-Era’ on consequence of the combating with Ravana (evil forces/asura/demon), Maharshi Narada advised Sri Ramachandra to adore Devi Bhagabati / Mahamaya. This practice of ascetical austerities is essential, in order to attain the power to overcome the difficulties in favour of establishment of positive thinker’s world of logic and laws.
    Sri-Ramachandra had taken the entreaty. He made worship of Devi. Thus, the Ravana and associated were destroyed.
    We Bengalese carry out the Durga-puja from the sixth day (sasthi) of new moon of Aswin. We consider Devi Katya-yani as a daughter of Rishi Katyana. In another view, She is the Uma, whose mother is Manoka, and father Himalaya. She comes in mother’s house (in our respective home) with daughter and sons as Devi Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge’s), Ganasha (God of intelligence), Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth), and Kartikaya (God of power/kinetic energy), and of course with their porter, and Mahisa-asura, with lion, snakes etc.
    At the end of festival, we pray to Her, the unitary extreme of spirit, liberty and prosperity, least, to make our life less problems hopefully.
    Sources=1)Sastri Ramakrishna, Nabaratrita NavaDurga, Udbodhan p-635, 1418/2012, Kol, India.
    (2) NabaDurga, Gitapress, GuraskhaPura. http://www.gitapress.org.

    Vijaya Dasami
    Annesha Chatterjee,
    Ex. Coordinator, Voices The Statesman
    Student- Class XII
    Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani , Nadia

    Nabami Nisi Ra ,Tor Daya Nai Ra, Tor Daya Nai / Oh the night of Nabami, you have no mercy! You have no mercy.
    Durga Puja has been finished. Our eager, busted out of ecstasy, desires that have developed through about nearly a year that reserved, expressed, and finished at the very day of Vijaya Dasami in Bengalese and Dasara in other provinces.
    Our daughter Uma is now returning to her husbands’ house (house of Shiva of Kaylash) with all family members as Laxmi, Saraswati, Kertic, Ganesha, their porters(? including Mahisasura) promising to come again in next year. We demanded our deepest praying to Her earthy ear in too low voice and perceived Her agree. Then we try to push some sweet within lips of Her and others. Lastly, She approved our play of sindur/mercury dust after offerings to Her face feet, and cheeks.
    At the beginning, we were started to make idols of Devi Durga, since the day of holy bathing of Lord Jaggannatha (Snan-Yatra), then the artists drawn the eyes from the day of Mahalaya. Under a tree of Aegal marmelos / Bel, on next (sixth / Sasthi) day, we did the prayer to emerge of Devi’s (Bodhan). From the day next (Saptami), priest starting Her worshipping. From Saptami, we started to consider Her (them) as an alive one. We try to satisfy ‘Themselves’ on uttering the mantras (Vedic sacrifice- rites) and demonstrating some best of our cultures. At the eighth day (Astami), we prayed to Her more enthusiastically. It is because, as the mythology, Devi’ ornamented with weapons and jewelries at that very day. Next is the ninth day or time of Nabami. Between the Astami and Nabami, a special worshipping does. It is Sandhi-puja. Mythology says at that exceptional time, Mahisasura defeated by Devi Durga. Then after Nabami-puja, we send some our offerings (banana, ghee, rice, flower, milk, etc) to Her through the establishment of a holy fire. Now, the time has come, no more time, we would have to immerse Her idols as contained within a mirror. Then the idols have also to be absorbed inside a water bodies.
    The drum/dhak starts to tell Thakur as-lo katak-khan? Thakur jaba -bisarjan! (How long the Goddess had arrived? As She is going soon!), on the octaves as Sa-ra, sa sa (higher octave), dha pa, sa ra sa sa(higher octave) dha.
    Many devotees follow, when the idols are coming in adoration place, there are some questionary appeared at the eyes of Deva’s. During the pujas, Deva’s satisfactory mirthful changes are also manifested within their faces. During the Vajaya, They weeps.
    Of course, She can do it, because we are waiting for a year to adore Her, with our paramount zeal. Millions of spectators come and wait in lines for hours to see the total arrangements. Rest of the nation is unanimously benefited. Now, if She would not denoted Her blessing through tears, what anything we may get from our Mother?
    That Paramhansha Sri Ramakrishna described that the total of Her arrival and apparent going as changes of Her from existence to activities, and from activities to existence.
    When the Mother is returning to home, the most embellishing matter of the total celebration is starts. The young are taking bless from adults on touching the feet, or one make close to another on the act of embracement . No doubt, the more delighting cultures awaiting with offering of ghugni, Naru (coconuts plus sugar mixed ball) etc.
    At the same time, rest of India, demonstrating the illuminating program of Dasara, burning of idol of the demon named Ravana and others, made by firecracker subsequent to the Nabaratri, which is also the worshiping of respective ninth idols of Durga, from the first day after new moon of Aswin is successfully organized. After the festival, many of ours also sending letters, cards with the massage of Her offering power of victory, fame and sovereignty with respects.
    Now, Devi’s immersion with solemnities is not taking place on the particular day of Dashami for a few decades. At the same time, due to delayed Dasami or any other cause, culture of showing of respect is now disappearing from the societies of Bengali. It is surely a deterioration of Bengali-culture. Here the Voices is applying to the Govt. Of Bengal to made a strict law to drawn the image of Devi-Dura in the day of Dashami must. If necessary, we may start our show from two day earlier!

    PressReader – The Times of India (New Delhi edition): 2017-09-20 …
    Sep 20, 2017 – Annesha Chatterjee, Coordinator, Voices, The Statesman Kolkata Student- Class XIKalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani, …98365730434

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