Indian origin activist places giant inflatable outside White House

Taran Singh Brar protests using Trump lookalike 'Chicken Don'


August 13, 2017

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A huge inflatable chicken resembling Donald Trump is standing outside the White House. Voicing against some inactions of the American President, the caricature is getting attention from all around.

An Indian origin filmmaker in the US, Taran Singh Brar has placed an inflatable, giant chicken outside the White House. Resembling Donald Trump, more specifically because of the hairstyle , the ‘Chicken Don’, as Brar affectionately calls it , is his way of protesting against some of Trump’s inactions.

Brar is voicing out against the American President’s inaction on releasing his tax returns, and in engaging with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and also with North Korea.

“Trump is too chicken to release his tax returns, to stand up to Putin,” Brar told the local media.

As a symbol of the raison d’être, Brar has placed the inflatable in the lawn just south of the White House and near the Washington Monument to spread his message to  the masses. Usually the tallest thing that is placed on the spot is the national Christmas tree; but after seeking permission from the National Park Service and the Secret Service, Brar was able to do the rare.

Brar reportedly spent months negotiating permits with authorities and studying the exact direction of live feed cameras trained on the White House. “I triangulated,” Brar said. “There’s a reason it was there rather than to the left a little bit, it would have been blocked.”

Brar bought the Trump lookalike inflatable for $1,500 on eBay, and was interestingly supported by others who contributed to this crow-funded ‘chicken’. The support has not only been in terms of the monetary contributions; people have been thronging near the figure, taking selfies – yes, but notably backing Brar.

“We are out here to criticise our President for being weak and ineffective as a leader and being too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Putin and now engaged in a game of chicken with Kim Jong Un,” Brar was quoted as saying. “We think the coward squawking in the White House is too chicken to show his tax returns, too chicken to stand up to Putin, and too chicken to face the press. We’ve been inflating Chicken Don in his backyard so he knows no one is scared but him,” Brar said.

While crowds gathered near the ‘Chicken Don’ Trump was amiss from all the action, and away at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. But his absence came rather welcomed.

“I realised it’s actually better, because the symbolism works and the Secret Service won’t be as jumpy,” Brar said.





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