Indian origin engineer to develop Google’s flagship pixel phone

Former chip architect at Apple, Manu Gulati leading the show


June 16, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

Internet search giant Google is expanding its team of chip experts to launch their flagship Pixel smartphone and have a Person of Indian Origin taking take the lead.

Manu Gulati has had the experience of working on the making of iPads and iPods as Apple’s chip architect and now is to play a key role in building Google’s flagship pixel phone.

After serving at Apple for eight years as a micro-architect, Gulati is now the lead SoC Architect for Google.

He has at least 15 Apple patents related to chip design with him and was key developer with the tech giant where he was instrumental in building chips for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. He was also responsible for the A4 and A9 chips which powered the 2010 iPad.

With a strong in-house chip building mechanism, Apple has been building its own Smartphones, an arena where Google lacked. But now, with Gulati on board, Google plans to build its own processors.

Until now, Google outsourced its processors to Intel or Qualcomm, for its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, whereas Apple has their own A10X chips.

With Gulati at the forefront now, Google is looking at differentiating Pixel from the many other smartphones by other vendors that run Android on Qualcomm chips. The developer’s exit at Apple is however being seen as a setback, as the company has filed a number of chip-related patents that credit Gulati as an inventor.

On the other hand, firms, such as Huawei and Samsung, have also started to build chips in-house, decreasing their dependence on potential supply restraints from outside parties.

Gulati had announced this change in job via LinkedIn where he changed his profile to Google’s lead SOC architect and Google too confirmed of its new member.

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