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October 16, 2017

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Visual Search - an engaging means to approach innovative marketing

Visual Search – an engaging means to approach innovative marketing

As smartphones and the increasing internet proliferation in India have already been a transforming metrics in the consumer-advertiser relationship, here are some of the new trends that have emerged in the social media marketing space.

According to a report from Zenith mobile advertising forecast, 59 pc of the internet advertising expenditure will be in mobile in 2018. The mobile devices by the next calendar year are set to account for 73 pc of the internet consumption. This includes both the smartphones and tablets. The share was 65 pc in 2016 while it was 36 pc in 2011. The report also finds that India will be among the top five countries in terms of the mobile internet users with 73 pc of the internet use coming from mobile devices.

In this ultra-competitive market, the social media marketing is going through a rapid transformation every second. We bring you some of the latest and innovative social media marketing tools rolled out by the big names in the virtual world.

Twitter rolls out videos ads

Twitter India has rolled out its in-stream video advertisements in the Indian market. In a statement to Economic Times, Soumya Parmar, the Head of Video Solutions, Twitter India said, “As consumers’ appetite for video grows, we’ve expanded the ways our audience can discover relevant video content on the platform. This also creates an opportunity for our advertisers to better align with relevant video content at a scale which is being consumed by Twitter users.” This new feature will allow brands to showcase video ads on Twitter’s premium content partners across sports, entertainment, news across the world.

Influencers on Instagram

Instagram has joined the party in this evolving marketing landscape as well. Marketers on Instagram are targeting influencers and are hiring or paying them to influence their followers. This is a new trend in social media marketing that is working wonders. The social media celebrities have an immense power over a growing audience of untapped customers and for a market like India; this is definitely going to be the future. With images and live videos, Instagram is almost as effective as a curated commercial advertisement in the recent times.

Facebook challenges TV commercials

Facebook with all that it has for social media marketing is now taking things to a different level. It is soon launching two new brand measurement tools that will analyse Television and Facebook performances. They call it the Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift that will plug into TV analytics company iSpot to get data on brand lift across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network, or FAN, ads. While consumers will be asked in surveys if they watched specific TV programs, the brands depending on the results can compare the penetration of the ads. According to a digital brand marketing portal, Facebook will be rolling out this Cross-Platform Brand Lift to advertisers, with the goal of making it widely available in the first quarter of 2018.

Updated LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

In its latest update, LinkedIn is linking its sales and marketing products on Sales Navigator to help sales teams target their campaigns to their own contacts. This is definitely going to be a new way to generate leads and improve on existing accounts. Among a sweep of updates to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator sales management tool, businesses will be able to connect the tool to LinkedIn’s self-serve ad-buying tool. The new feature is set to be available in early 2018 and will be available for sponsored content campaigns.

Pinterest drives visual search

In a space that is changing interfaces rapidly, search drills have slowly moved to visual searches. Image search has become the new cool for consumers and the marketers have to address it smartly. The rising trend of image search has now given a strategic advantage for Pinterest, as it competes with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the attention of social media users. The social media platform that is gaining in numbers is encouraging marketers to emphasise on images that will connect their consumers to their products – Pinterest is literally asking marketers to think pictures and not keywords.

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