10 Wellness Restaurants in India

Serving Health with Flavours


November 2, 2016

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November-December 2016

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Healthy no longer evokes a dull and insipid dish. In fact, initiatives all over the country have shattered the clichés associated with nutritive dishes. As a conscience about leading a clean and healthy lifestyle, not only for health benefits but also for the environment, is gaining ground in the country, we present you a list of ten restaurants that dress our table with wellness.


Lumière Organic Restaurant, Bangalore: A cafe, a store, and a bakery, this multi-faceted brand is your ‘light’ (lumière in French) towards living an organic lifestyle. Based in Bangalore, they practice sustainable farming to deliver fresh, chemical-free and healthy produce in their outlet store and restaurant. Health is no barrier for them as they prepare delectable dishes from different cuisines of the world. Address: Near Total Mall, Marathahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka


Cafe Organica, Kolkata: This cafe, unlike its size, offers larger-than-life goodness in its dishes prepared from natural products. Imagine dosa with red rice or black rice which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, instead of the traditional white rice, or Grape Juice with real grapes and not canned fruit. The cafe’s immediate neighbour is its own organic store selling glutenfree snacks, seeds like chia, herbal teas, muesli, spices and organic honey, making this duo a one-stop destination for all your health needs. Address: Sunny Park, Kolkata,  West Bengal


Birdsong – The Organic Cafe, Mumbai: Nestled in a by-lane of Mumbai, this cafe offers a quaint and comfortable setting where the young love to spend their afternoons sipping organic coffee from the Coorg plantations and enjoy fresh, plump and moist, vegan, whole wheat, or gluten-free muffins and cookies. The cafe does not use microwave ovens and prepares each dish from scratch. Address: Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra


The Yellow Straw, Kolkata: Here, the customers drink fruits in glasses. The juices are fresh, pure and not diluted with even a drop of water. This shop offers fusion drinks and makes sure the customers know about the health benefits of what they are drinking, like their ‘Energizer Straw’, which combines pomegranates, pineapples, grapes, celery and oranges to ‘relieve fatigue, reduce stress and boost immunity’. Address: Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal


Saboro, Mumbai: This is the place to appease your grumbling belly without fighting your conscience after a heavy gym routine. Saboro uses fresh and natural produces to ensure taste and proper nutrition. They offer cold pressed juices, smoothies and salads accompanied with the amount of calorie and goodness consumed in each item. Address: Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra


Gyms Kook, New Delhi:  The quest for an indulgent meal without guilt ends here. ‘Gym freaks’ can finally savour a delicious, post-workout munch and not be chided by their trainers. The interior of the restaurant resembles a gym and the menu, a body-building regimen. Protein shakes, hummus and wheat pita bread, chicken breast, egg whites omelette, Greek salad, fresh fruit salad… the menu speaks for itself. Address: Rohini, New Delhi


Green Theory, Bangalore: A resto-cafe-boutique set in a lush green environ, this place is a haven for vegetarian aficionados where the food is a 100 pc vegan and organic. Their food is not only a treat for the belly but also for the eyes – picture a watermelon smoothie served in an actual watermelon. This place offers comfortable and peaceful sitting and a menu loaded with sumptuous items from different cuisines of the world, not knowing any constraints on taste. Address: Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka


Antidote, New Delhi: ‘Juices that give you superhuman energy and nine lives’. Antidote provides health drinks that maintain your immunity and help you achieve your health goals with nutrition programmes. The juices are prepared with organic ‘superfoods’ and added nutrition of fruits like noni (cheese fruit) and ashwagandha (rennet), which are known for their antioxidant and stress-relieving properties, making it a perfect bottle of health for anyone. Address: Antidote Booth at Select City WALK mall, Saket, New Delhi


Raw Leaf, New Delhi: Not all raw foods taste as good, but the combination of ‘Salad-In-A-Jar’ makes you wish for more. Along with delicious smoothies and detox juices, Raw Leaf treats you with palatable wraps with several options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and flavoursome burrito bowls to enjoy and savour wellbeing. Address: Ansal Corporate Plaza, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR


To Be Healthy, New Delhi: Treat your taste buds to the feast of healthy pudding and savoury superfoods served by To Be Healthy, who do not believe that healthy is boring. They offer cold pressed juices to cleanse, nourish and relish, and are filled with flavours to add colour and taste to your health diet. Address: order online at www.tobehealthy.me



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