Christmas Celebrations in India

Ushering in the Yuletide spirit


December 25, 2017

/ By and / New Delhi, Kolkata

While Christmas has become a mass celebration in India, we cannot help but peek into the many phases of the joyous occasion.

Christmas is a gazetted holiday in India, the celebrations of which have become an integral part of every Indian household, each in their own unique way, telling different stories. This year too, the sentiments and enthusiasm remain unaffected as we set out to capture some of the defining moments from the sprawling capital and the city of joy. This Happy Holiday season, we at Media India Group would like to spread the spirit and cheers of the holiday season with heartwarming Christmas wishes.

Christmas has transcended beyond just another religious occasion and into a common threshold, wherein everyone comes together to take part in the Yuletide spirit. In New Delhi, the streets are illuminated with not just decorative, high voltage lights but don an enthusiastic look that charms the onlookers. From shopping malls, commercial complexes and shops to schools and of course Churches are decorated in the traditional Christmas decorations. But the unmissable part about Christmas anywhere are the sumptuous fruit cakes and widespread cuisine coupled with a glass of good ol’ wine.

Remembering the old traditions and the new, on Christmas Eve, people in Delhi hang out giant paper lanterns in the shape of stars, put out Christmas trees which they carefully adorn with shiny bells and stars while stacking up presents under the tree only to be opened on Christmas. While in Delhi, during Christmas, do not forget to check out the sprinkled donuts that aptly reflect the seasonal mood.

In Kolkata, the scenario is not so different as thousands take to the streets wearing bright, red Santa hats to take part in the merry-making. Christmas in Kolkata is incomplete without Park Street as you can see people, rejoicing as they walk down in hoards towards the famous Allen Park. Some even take a trip to St. Xavier’s College for admiring the brightly-lit compound and chapel and albeit click selfies.

Walk down the festive road with us, through our photo-story.



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