Flowers that bloom every morning in Madiwala market, Koramangala, Bengluru

Fragrant flowers radiate happiness and are a wonderful treat for eyes


March 25, 2018

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Madiwala, meaning the washerman Kannada, is a locality in southern Bengaluru, the Silicon valley of India and capital of the southern state of Karnataka, was home to the washermen of the city. Today, Madiwala is famous for other things, notably hosting the largest market for fresh flowers in southern India. The market stretches for over a kilometre, with stall after stall of a large variety of extremely fresh and fragrant flowers, overwhelming and mesmerising all the senses. It attracts thousands of customers, keen to buy exotic flower varieties, including rose, jasmine, marigold, blue daisy, Asiatic Lily, Chrysanthemums and many more lying in bunches, some in loops, colourful petals, some woven into garlands hung, spraying bright, majestic colours flaunting all over the market. The market is a dream opportunity for a photographer to frame a wide range of human along with e  beauty of Nature. Walking through the market is an experience which draws all good things toward us; the fragrance from the flowers radiates happiness to announce that a joyful day lies ahead.

Savour glimpses of Madiwala during a photo walk



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