Glimpses of unique folk culture in West Bengal

Tribal theatre, baul musicians and more...


August 3, 2016

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Serving as a rural cultural centre in the village of Satkahania, where theatre and performing arts has become the main means of survival – Ebong Amra, a repertory company leads the way for a group of tribal actors towards artistic emancipation.

The village and its unusual locales provide a perfect backdrop for an out of the box escapade to experience the rural civilisation of West Bengal in the most unconventional way. Tepantar (which means a large open space in Bengali) is spread across 4 acres of land that comprises open air stage, rehearsal and workshop space for theatre practitioners, along with strategically placed cottages and dormitories for visitors. The name Tepantar in numerous Bengali fables is referred as a mysterious, boundless field at the edge of civilisation. Ebong Amra, in the course of the last fourteen years, has genuinely been fruitful in building a limitless playground for a unique coexistence of imagination and reality.

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