Independence Day celebrated in India

Citizens across country revel


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August 15, 2017

/ By / Kolkata, New Delhi

As India starts its 71st year since independence, Media India Group participated in different celebrations in the national capital New Delhi and the City of Joy in the eastern part of India, Kolkata.

Independence Day, the day that is the historic moment of India gaining freedom from the British who colonised the country for around 200 years, is an emotional and important day for Indians, both home and abroad. Some take this day to reflect on the strengths and glory of the country while some think of ways to strengthen it further. The celebrations of the day usually begin with a flag hoisting early morning- a ritual common to the commencement of Independent Day across India.

We visited the 4th Independance Day Run by Force Sports Club in New Delhi, a space that gives free trainings to those who want to join the police and army. We also celebrated independence at a small residential gathering in the city. In Kolkata we got together with school children who observed the day in their own way while also joining some National Cadet Corps candidates.



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