Jantar Mantar home of hundreds of Indian protesters

Many voices, One place to be heard in New Delhi


June 27, 2016

/ By / New Delhi

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Hundreds of protesters occupy everyday of the year a street in New Delhi, outside of Jantar Mantar, a famous architectural heritage built in the 18th century and featuring 13 architectural astronomy instruments. People throughout India come there to occupy the place, hoping to make their concerns heard by the higher authorities.

The large street has become a second home for many of them. The revendications are varied: some have personal or judicial matters, others want the government or their home State to change their policies. Some people are on a fast, some on an unending protest to make their demands met. For these demonstrators, time does not matter but only their determination to get their issues solved. Here, outside Jantar Mantar, some people have even been protesting for the last 10 years.

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