Slum Kids in New Delhi

Vulnerable, deprived and on the edge of risk


July 27, 2016

/ By / New Delhi

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Childhood is metaphorically called the time of kingship. But not every child is born with silver spoon. Some are deprived and destitute like the kids living in the slums around India. According to the last data collected by the National Sample Survey Organisation, one-eighth of India’s urban population lives in a slum. There are 13.7 million slum households in the country and over one million live in different slums all around New Delhi, the capital. Life in these areas is full of deprivation, exploitation and uncertainty, with improper housing, without sanitation, poor or no access at all to health care and education. The most unprivileged and under the brim of risk are the kids living in these urban ghettos, where the lack of opportunities makes them extremely vulnerable.

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