The fish market at Sassoon Dock in Mumbai

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October 7, 2017

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In Mumbai, the financial capital of India, where people earn fortunes by trading stocks, many sell fish to earn their livelihood. On the western coast of India, the capital city of Maharashtra is a treasure trove for many because of its proximity to the Arabian Sea, and the business the waves get with them.

At Sassoon Dock, in South Mumbai, functions one of the oldest and busiest fish markets of the city. Mainly home to fishermen, Sassoon Dock area gets extremely crowded even before dawn cracks.

A crowd of fishermen and fisherwomen come at the dock and set up their daily catch, which is a sprawling variety of fish. There is no dearth of the buyers too, who would want the fish while it is still fresh. While a huge number of people come here to buy fish by themselves, the catch is also sent for sale across the city.

At the dock where the fish are swung amid co-workers and fishermen,  and the customers won’t shy from bargaining, what works today used to work years ago too.

Sassoon Dock is a fine example of the typical day to day activity of the fisherfolk community in Mumbai- what they do, how they associate with their fellowmen and the public dealing. The strength of this business is vast but with no rigid boundaries, as they depend upon daily visitors and sale, the need of the market varies accordingly. It is a long process from wholesale to retail vendoring.



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