The school bells finally ring for students in Delhi

Students, teachers enthusiastically mark attendance



January 18, 2021

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Students in Delhi could finally hear the symphony of school bells as schools, for classes 10 and 12, resumed today after a gap over 10 months.

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It was perhaps a rhythm that most ought to have already forgotten. But on Monday morning, after a long gap of over 10 months, students of Govt. CO ED. Sec. School Jangpura, were all back to their pre pandemic routine of waking up early in the morning, putting on their school uniforms and reaching school before the first bell of the school. As students turned up in small numbers, masks covered the usually-cheerful faces and the normal postures of friends walking hand in hand were replaced with social distancing.

However, despite the challenges of going to the classroom during the pandemic and even in the way to greet students and teachers had changed, they turned out cheerfully at their school, as schools in Delhi reopened from today. Teachers were visibly relieved to return to classrooms as online classes proved out of reach for many students. Delhi government has allowed the schools to reopen with the COVID-19 protocols and the government has also mandated students to carry a written permission from their parents allowing them to attend classes.

Schools have been asked to ensure sanitisation of classrooms, laboratories and other common areas and keep a stock of face masks and sanitisers for students. Sanitiser dispensers are to be installed at the entrance of each classroom.

Harish Chand, principal of Govt. CO ED. Sec. School Jangpura, tells Media India Group that each class has been split into three groups to maintain social distancing. “The total strength of the class is 52, and on the first day we saw 34 students turn up. We are making 12- 15 students sit in one class, one desk apart, to follow social distancing rules. We are following all the necessary protocols like social distancing, face masks, hand sanitizers etc. Once more students start turning up we will split the class into three groups and the time table of the teachers can be adjusted accordingly,” says Harish Chand.

“Both students and teachers are very happy to rejoin classes after so long. The teachers were very hassled with the online classes that were in place, as many students didn’t have smartphone or laptops. Now we can help students more efficiently face to face. According to me it’s even more important to start classes of primary students because the kids in primary section learn in schools only,” adds Harish Chand.

Delhi’s education minister Manish Sisodia says that the decision on resuming other classes would be taken in a phased manner, notably once the vaccination drive against Covid-19 picks up pace. “We are not thinking about reopening the schools for other classes until a sufficient number of people are vaccinated,” says Sisodia.



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