Bihar girl writes exams using feet

Fighting her disability, empowering others


March 10, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

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In the North Indian state of Bihar, a teenager is fighting the odds of her physicality and inspiring others by sitting for her final exams and writing them using her feet.

She may be laden with difficulties of not being able to use her hands, but  Anita Kumari, a student from Bihar, doesn’t believe in giving in.

Physically challenged with problems of hand movements and speech, Kumari has decided to write her 10th standard exams and not let her challenges stifle her from making progress.

Kumari was hit by polio at the age of five and lost her ability to speak and much of her power to move her hands.

Hailing from Bihar’s Baniapur village, in the Saran district, she is using the power of her toes instead and writing her board exams; progressing, fighting her disability and empowering others.

As per a media report, although Kumari is ‘physically-challenged’, her condition has failed to hold her back from taking the examination. Kumari is accompanied by her grandmother to the exam centre, the Gandhi High School, where she takes her seat on a carpet and writes her answers by holding her pen in between her toes.

Commending her spirit, one of the girl’s examination invigilators was quoted saying, “Her future is very bright and she will get a good job one day.”



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