Fiasco at political rally leaves India chuckling

Locals caught stealing cots to be used at the rally


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September 8, 2016

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Traditional cots made with rope in India are known as khats or khatiyas in Hindi

Traditional cots made with rope in India are known as khats or khatiyas in Hindi.

Indian National Congress (INC) vice president Rahul Gandhi organised Khat Pe Charcha (conversation seated on cots) for the upcoming state election in Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Trouble broke when locals were seen getting away with the cots after the do.

The agrarian sector of Deoria district, where the khat sabha session was organised, is reportedly undergoing a turbulent time with sugar mills shutting down and farmers committing suicide. In the midst of this situation, Rahul Gandhi held the session yesterday, which ended up with locals taking away the specially designed cots from the venue. Evidently, the session was met with excitement, for a variety of reasons.

The door-to-door campaign strategy that the INC has started in Uttar Pradesh might be having an impact on the targeted constituency, but the real buzz about it is on the internet.

Jokes and allegations were made about the INC’s incapacity and contribution to politics after locals were seen fleeing with cots.

Locals created a stir across the county, on social media and news channels with jokes made on the expense of the party. Parallels were also drawn with Bollywood films leaving everyone in splits.
This particular tweet played around with the movie name Vicky Donor, a Hindi movie that dealt with the concept of sperm donation)

However, the party responded to the jibes from other political figures. INC spokesperson Meem Afzal stated to the press,“Whoever tries to belittle the issue will do an injustice to the poor villagers. Certain people in this country make away with thousands of crores of rupees, and when a few villagers take home a thing as innocuous as a cot, all hell breaks loose.”

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