Six women-centric channels on Youtube

Indian women on Youtube making the community a vibrant place


November 3, 2018

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Whether a dollop of information regarding your reproductive health or some good old laughter, there is no paucity of well-curated content by on Youtube; and these Indian bloggers are adding to the list of videos by making some exclusively for Indian women.

With more and more women joining the workforce and thanks to a growing economy, Indian entertainment sector no longer remains a ‘boy’s club’. The extent of female participation today no longer revolves around just playing heroine on screen. Women are writing scripts, are directing, producing, and choreographing. With the rise of social media and video sharing platforms like Youtube, female representation is becoming rampant; and although the bubble of  empowerment mostly serves the urban-educated women, it’s a commencement of something much more promising. According to statistics from Vidooly, an online video analytics company, Indian women on Youtube are generating more than 1.3 billion viewership.

Here are six female youtubers who are worth the hype.

MostlySane, Prajkta Kohli’s brainchild


Created by Prajakta Koli, MostlySane is the Indian equivalent of Superwoman. She is quirky, she is vivacious and she is super entertaining. Being nominated for OSM Comedy Guru Award at Outlook Social Media Award 2018, Prajakta is one of the very few independent female entertainers dishing out comic relief to her audiences. Her demographic is divided into 23 pc female and 71 pc male.




Fun and Frolic, Girliyapa’s USP


Headed by an all-woman team, Girliyapa is one of the leading entertainment channels in India. Committed to break the image of stereotypical Indian women, this channel sharply asserts, ‘not everything about women is from Venus’ Their content is mostly geared towards the millennial female demographic exploring struggles of young adulthood.  Girliyapa has garnered more than two million of subscribers   since its launch. Unfolding grim issues in a light-hearted manner is the distinguishing feature of this channel.





Change the world, one poem at a time


 Sensible, poetic, and profound, Blush believes in creating a space that where stories can be shared, perspectives can be exchanged and important social messages can be conveyed. This channel often features notable Bollywood actresses in their renegade avatars. Exploring human trafficking to infertility issue, from media sensationalism to alternative sexuality, Blush is refreshingly innovative and super scintillating.






‘A dose of nutritious content’ a day keeps the misconceptions away

Vitamin Stree

Sex education in India or the lack of it has prompted loads of half-baked unscientific truth about sex to prevail in the minds of Indians, young and adult alike; and Vitamin Stree thwarts those misconceptions with a fun and frolic format. Not just providing awareness about sexual health, Vitamin Stree also often interrogates and reflects on deeply entrenched socio-cultural norms. Thought provoking and entertaining, this channel is unique in the truest sense of word.






Learn to cook on your smartphone

Nisha Madhulika

Her channel is undoubtedly the most popular Indian culinary platform on Youtube. Mostly emphasizing on vegetarian recipes, her channel explores food from all regions of India. This diversity of content contributed to her immense popularity. This 59 year old restaurant consultant and chef also writes food column for Dainik Bhaskar, Indian Express and Amar Ujala.



A lot can happen over a riksha ride


Comedian and entertainer Anisha Dixit started this channel after getting rejected from Bollywood. Starting with humble equipments, Rikshawali now has a viewership of more than two million . Her content is mostly comic in nature. Her quirky personality and off-beat approach has made her one of the biggest Youtube sensations of India. In an interview with Economic Times in 2017, Rikshawali shares details about her journey to popularity along with her struggle to fight off the online trolls and hate messages.

As the new generation of audience is veering towards internet for entertainment, new-age performers are redefining how content is produced and shared. Creative circuit in general is experiencing revolution with the emergence of smart phones. Voices which were traditionally swept under the carpet are now coming to the surface. Women’s active participation in entertainment is giving the field a new dimension. Whether you are looking for laughter or opinion, these channels can offer both. Go, watch, and ponder.









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