Gandhi goes missing on INR 2,000 notes in Madhya Pradesh

Bank rubs hand, stating it a ‘Printing Error’


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January 5, 2017

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Farmers in Madhya Pradesh received INR 2000 notes without the image of Gandhi

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh received INR 2000 notes without the image of Gandhi

While Mahatma Gandhi turned his face on the new legal bills of India, a batch of the INR 2,000 notes was found from where the father of the nation literally disappeared.

A few would pass on the news as a hoax and a few would be amused at the worklessness of the journalists, but what later came as a printing error might shock the world. According to a national daily, farmers from Sheopur, a remote village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, received newly printed INR 2,000 notes – but Gandhi’s image was missing. The report also confirms that the newly printed notes were otherwise real but the goof was a result of a careless ‘printing error’.

The cash crunch in the country following the demonetisation hit the farmers most dearly as most of them hailed from remote villages with very little access to banks and ATMs. The anomalous stock of cash that reached this village was disbursed from a State Bank of India branch and they have taken the cash back once notified. According to the reports, these notes were printed at the Bank Note Press in Dewas in Madhya Pradesh.

Reacting to the incident, the manager of the State Bank of India, Sheopur district branch, Akash Shrivastav said, “The incident took place at Shivpuri Road branch of SBI. The notes were not counterfeit, but probably there was some printing error. They were taken back as soon as it (the error) was detected.”

This was not one of an incident after the demonetisation. Genuine yet defective notes have surfaced in many parts of the country and one can only blame the pressure of meeting the demands of new notes. In the government Security Paper Mill in Hoshangabad, almost 80,000 INR 500 notes and 10,000 INR 2,000 notes went out without the signature security threads on them. The magnetic security threads with the inscription of ‘Bharat’ and ‘RBI’ are seen as one of the most prominent features of the Indian currency bills.

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