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The case of the missing Delhi winter


January 11, 2016

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Delhi witness surprising change in the weather

Delhi witness surprising change in the weather

With the sun fairly warm, Delhiites experience a winter which isn’t as chilly as it usually is. As the weather remains moderate, the people are left wondering the reasons!

Delhi is popular for its extreme weather conditions. It’s either too hot or too cold in the capital and the residents urge for a bearable temperature. Seems like all those prayers didn’t go in vain. By this time of the year, when the winter is usually harsh, Delhi is quiet warm so far.

By the end of December, people in Delhi are seen in layers of clothes with long warm overcoats, high boots, warm caps, gloves and warm scarfs to protect themselves from the chill. But this year, things are different. The ’fashionistas’ are waiting for the weather to turn perfect for those long coats to be worn. But to their disappointment, the winter is not that severe this year.

These changes in the climate affect the people both physically and psychologically. The sudden variations in the changing trends in weather conditions can lead to the increase of respiratory diseases in Delhi, with air pollution being a major contributor for the not so freezing winter. The deteriorating quality of air in the city can affect the people, especially the children and the elders. Global warming and the activities responsible for it could also be the reasons for summery winters.

According to the Skymet Meteorology Division of India, major weather phenomena are at fault for much warmer days this winter season. Also, the El-Nino is said to be responsible that made the winter warmer. The El-Nino years are associated with higher degrees during winters and this may be reason why you might not feel the need to cover yourself with layers of clothes this winter.

What’s more, the warm winter had its effects on the economy as the shopkeepers are also facing the brunt as the sales saw a downfall. “There was a remarkable fall in the sales and there is no hope left now with the weather so lukewarm” said Pankaj Kapoor, who owns a clothing shop, the Hanger, at a mall in Delhi.

With winters turning warm, there comes an urgent need to protect our environment!



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