Netflix finally launched in India

Free for all the users in its first month


January 8, 2016

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Now in India!

Now in India!

The world famous video service platform Netflix has now fully buffered in India. On the day of its launch, the Internet saw a gush of updates from the youth about the same.

Netflix was finally launched in India and in 129 other countries on 6th January and the people, especially the youth, is excited and updating status about the same on social media.

Netflix was established in the year 1997 and the American multinational company provides the world’s number one video streaming services, which enables its users to watch online media content. The videos can be played on smartphones, television screens as well as on PlayStations.

The videos include a lot of originally created content by Netflix along with a series of shows and movies in high-resolution and Ultra HD.

In India, Netflix is free for all the users in its first month with a minimal amount of Rupees 70, which will be charged upon registration. But after a month, the viewers will be charged monthly INR 500 to watch a movie or a show.

There will be a monthly access to two simultaneous screens and high-resolution picture quality for INR 650, and for INR 800, the viewers will be able to connect to Ultra HD along with gaining access to four simultaneous screens.

For now, Netflix has not censored any videos in India and while signing up, the platform will enquire if you are 18 or not. With this, children below the age of 18 won’t have an access to any type adult content.

The teenagers and the youth in the country are delighted about the launch of this service. “Its great that now we would also have an access to those videos on Netflix,” said the 20-year-old Paridhi Sharma, who is a student in New Delhi and eagerly wants to subscribe to the service. “I can’t wait to watch my favorite movies and shows,” she added.

Now India can also Netflix!



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