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November 19, 2016

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November-December 2016



With aims to generate skill development solutions, Rise India has been skilling the young in various vocations and intends to collaborate with foreign companies to learn and grow.


Since how long have you been working in the Skill Development or Vocational Training in India? Can you share your experience, about your organisation and further plans? 

Rise India has been involved in skilling since 2012. But the companies we have acquired have been into this space since 2006. As far as I am concerned, I have been into vocational education for almost 18 years now.The industry has gone through a sea change. Earlier the vocational education was through ITI’s and Private Training providers, and in both the cases candidates had to pay their own cost for training. But now, with support from Government of India, a majority of the portion is funded through the grant. The candidate need not require to pay for his/her training. With this focus and support, Mission Skill India has taken a big leap forward and the numbers have grown very high. Today it is all about volume. Though the thrust remains on quality output but volume has gone vary high. A large number of beneficiaries are getting the skill training and employment. Rise India has been the fastest growing skill development firm and has trained more than 1 lakh people in last 3.5 years. Rise India aims to be a truly global firm with a large focus on education and skill development solutions.

In which sectors do you provide trainings? Which are your target states? Do you face any challenges?

Driving, Retail, BFSI, Garment, Construction, Solar Energy, Electrical, etc. There are quite a few challenges – jobs are largely in unorganized sector but many government schemes do not have this as fitment; jobs are in urban places and candidates are in rural; migration is a challenge; and migration support is not there.

How has been your international relations? Have you ever worked with any International company/ institution? How do you see their contribution in the Indian skill development sector?  

We started building international relations since last one year and have forged alliances with our counterparts in Australia. We are closely working with some. They can contribute immensely through content sharing, certification, international jobs, know how, technology and by bringing fresh investment to the sector.

What are your expectations from IISDSE 2016? What are you looking forward to?

To meet some of our counterparts from across the globe and learn from them and forged alliances.