Five quirky Indian brands to shop from

Adding the ‘Q’ factor to your style


February 22, 2017

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With their vibrant and zany designs, these Indian brands are making decor and apparel quirky and fun while adding new and edgy definitions to casual styles.



Even their website opens to a colourful owl, their logotype which is a style statement now. Selling products ranging from apparel, bags, wallets, footwear, decor and furniture and even linens, ‘Chumbak’ that literally means a magnet in Hindi, offers products which are an instant eye-catcher; credit the vibrant colours and playful designs they offer. The brand came into existence in 2010 with a range of fun souvenirs from India and Indians, and now offers 100 categories of quirky colours, art and design.

Happily Unmarried


They take care of the needs one doesn’t know they have until they come across the unique products, which are ‘happily’ packed. From interestingly crafted stationary to colourful socks, beard and moustache oil and then the UFOs – the Unidentified Funny Objects – Happily Unmarried will have you awestruck with their witty designs.

Quirk Box


Quirk Box is unique, hand-drawn art, digitised for you on fine quality fabrics. In fact, original art is the hallmark of the label; add to that graphic art, a myriad of colours and playful sophistication. Quirk Box can dazzle up your wardrobe with shirts, dresses, shirt- dresses, sarees, bow-ties and what not in apparels! Founded in 2011, the young brand is headed by two award winning young designers.

Desi Jugaad


Mostly dealing in decor art, Desi Jugaad’s products are creative and playful with a quirky and fashionable twist given to things as common as a bucket. Undoubtedly, the brand’s name speaks for its products and makes for its identity. Desi Jugaad, which means anything makeshift, with its redesigning of ordinary things, will make you challenge your own imagination.

India Circus


Products of India Circus have their design inspiration in all things that speaks of India, be it the Maharajas from a royal period or tea vendor in the gullies of present day. Indian ideas have been aesthetically drafted into prints which have been given a modern and digitised angle on product categories ranging from home decor, dining, accessories, fashion, wallpapers and more.

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