Four lip-smacking Gujarati street snacks

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January 12, 2017

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Gujarati food is an interesting gastronomic experience and the street food in particular is gratifying for food lovers.

A visit to Gujarat, a western Indian state, can be a treat for the visual and gastronomic senses. With the wide variety of dishes on offer and thalis that are sure to fill up even the hungriest stomachs, Gujarat is a paradise for those looking to explore food. The large amount of vegetarian street food also comes as a delight for many, and an opportunity for non-vegetarians to munch on delectable vegetarian options. Street food is an important part of the Gujarati food scene and it can be found everywhere in places like Ahmedabad.

Here are some things, apart from classic snacks such as khakra and khaman-dhokla, which are must haves for visitors to the state.

Fafda Jalebi

Fafda Jalebis, a combination of both savoury and sweet, is a popular street snack that is found in Gujarat. Consisting of two parts, this snack combines fafdas or fried besan (a type of flour) along with jalebis (deep fried sweets). Not exactly made for the health conscious, the fafda jalebi combination is an interesting experience for the taste buds and is served in many places in a folded newspaper along with a green chutney and diced carrots & onions.

Fafda Jalebi being served

Fafda Jalebi being served


Gota, reminiscent of the pakoda which is found across India, is a fried snack stuffed with methi or green fenugreek leaves. Some may argue that this is a variant of the pakoda or a different version of another snack called bonda, but gotas are unique and delicious snacks with their own flavour. Made with a gram flour mixture, gotas are a good accompaniment to tea. Also eaten on their own, these round fried items are served with green chillies and make for delicious snacks in winters.

Gota is a delicious fried snack

Gota is a delicious fried snack


Ganthiya, a crunchy street food snack found widely throughout Gujarat, is another popular tea-time supplement that is bound to delight a foodie. It is made out of besan, and the dough is bended and twisted by the vendor who then deep fries it. Sometimes, it is served with fried green chillies and different kinds of chutneys such as spicy green chutney or sweet chutney. It is sold according to weight and often served in folded newspapers.

Ganthiya, sold by the measure of its weight

Ganthiya, sold by the measure of its weight


Gujarat offers a wide range of sweets, but the street side kulfi vendors give stiff competition to the big sweet shops. Kulfis are condensed milk ice creams, made without eggs and are a choice dessert for people from across India. Gujarat in itself offers some of the best kulfis that can be found in the country. Flavours ranging from classic kesar kulfis to more experimental raspberry and chocolate-flavoured kulfis are available in stalls with vendors who often sell the ice cream by weight and in plates made of dried leaves.

Kesar kulfi and raspberry kulfi

Kesar kulfi and raspberry kulfi

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