Indian girl raped again by same men after three years

Growing abuse against women in the country

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July 20, 2016

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Members of various women's organisations gathered to protest against the rising instances of rape and violence against women at Rohtak, Haryana

Members of various women’s organisations gathered to protest against the rising instances of rape and violence against women at Rohtak, Haryana

The protestors in the streets of Rohtak, Haryana (North India) are filled with rage after a girl was raped again by the same five men who raped her in 2013 and are out on bail since then.

Being born in India as a female is a pure challenge. Only if gender discrimination, female feticide and lack of girl education among other female prejudices were not enough, now abuses and rapes have woven a strong net in the country.

India has a huge number of rape cases where the culprits roam free on bail and the numbers are ever increasing. One such rape incident was reported in 2013 in which a dalit (lowest caste in India) girl was attacked by five men in Bhiwani, Haryana (North India).

No protection was provided for the girl even after only two of the five accused were arrested, who were later freed on bail. They constantly troubled and forced the victim’s family to settle the matter in exchange of money and take their complaint back.

After increased threats and pressure from the accused, the family decided to move to Rohtak. But even after they changed their location, the attackers traced them, kidnapped the victim and raped her for the second time.

According to the 20-year-old victim, she was pulled inside a car on the street where she was attacked and the rapists threatened to kill her if she denied taking the case back.

Protestors took to the streets

Just like every other popular rape case in the country, this one also managed to gather a large number of protestors out on the roads to demand justice.

The streets of Haryana are filled with people who are raising their voices against female abuse and are demanding immediate arrest of the accused men.

But in spite of various remonstrations by people after every rape case that is given full attention and coverage by the media and the new anti-rape laws that were introduced in the country, sexual attacks against women continue to spread across the nation and the crime does not seem to leave the country anytime soon.

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