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September 8, 2016

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Malvika Joshi, a home-schooled teen from Mumbai, Maharashtra, secured a place in B.Sc. degree program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In another notable event, a centenarian runner from India, Man Kaur, won the 100-meter sprint at the Americas Masters Games. Also, a 12-yr-old boy won the Asian karting title, thereby becoming the only Indian of all ages to do so.

Reports Hindustan Times: “All parents can opt for homeschooling regardless of their economic background and intellect of their children. I think the other parents are risking the future of their children by sending them to schools where they don’t learn anything or get degrees which don’t guarantee a decent job,” stated Supriya Joshi, mother of Malvika Joshi, who gained admission at the renowned MIT without any formal education.

Malvika is home-schooled and was denied admission by the top engineering schools in India. Supriya, a mother of two daughters, unsatisfied with the schooling system, felt that her children weren’t learning anything in school. She, therefore, decided to home-school her daughters, developing a curriculum  where her daughters could learn anything and explore  their fields of interest.

Man Kaur, a resident of Chandigarh in northern Indian state Punjab, bagged a gold medal in the 100-meter sprint at the Americas Masters Games. Kaur, took up running at the age of 93 and has participated in several regional games. She has previously won medals in shot put and javelin. “She encourages them, old ladies, that they should run, they should not eat wrong foods, and they should encourage their children also to take part in the Games,” said Gurdev Singh, 78, who persuaded his mother to take up the sport.

Shahan Ali Mohsin triumphed at the Asian Karting Championship, held at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. Shahan was’t very optimistic about his chances as he had missed the practice sessions due to food poisoning. Nevertheless, he defeated his tough competition and rival Hayden Haikal and won the race by mere seconds.

Indians around the world are beating all odds to come up trumps gives reason to their countrymen to be proud of them.



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