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Destination: Alwarbagh


December 24, 2016

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Set your motors in motion and gear up for this getaway to a heritage style property built in a raw landscape and get ready for a trip of explorations, adventures and star-gazing.

Not too far from the sheen of cities like Delhi and Gurugram is the dry and dusty Rajasthani district, Alwar; it is about 150 km from the Indian capital. A ride on the National Highway- 8 (NH-8) leads to the once princely state which is now far from the humdrum of modern city life and runs at its own pace. Corners of it are still webbed in the dusts of time that seems to have halted here.

Visiting Alwar is also like heading to an adventure trip, to a raw and rugged landscape. This jaunt is for the rough and sturdy who wouldn’t mind dust in their lungs and mud on their shoes.

This ride is destined to Alwarbagh, an imitation heritage resort built on the foot of the Aravallis, a mountain range in western India. It’s a journey on the outlines of the city but before that make this quick highway escape.


A halt at the vault


An oasis for travellers from an era gone by: Neemrana ki baoli

Stop at Neemrana ki Baoli, a step well in the district. Stepwells in India were used to collect and store water for irrigation and are architectural marvels, with hundreds of steps down into the ground. Of the many baolis or stepwells across India, some are well preserved but few like the Neemrana ki baoli get only a vagabond’s attention. Now dilapidated, this Baoli, like others of the period, is said to be the resting point for travellers in ancient times.

“Every-time we, at Escape Route, pass by this historic marvel, we make best use of our time by having a breakfast of kachoris and dhoklas from the nearby shops. One can walk all floors or just stare at the Aravallis stretch around the baoli from the top of this nine-storey water-well. It just makes you travel back in time and wonder how special this place would have been,” says Sumit Singh Jamwal who runs a company called Escape Route that often conducts trips here.

About 90 km from Delhi, the baoli makes for one of the rare detours one can take on the Delhi-Alwar highway. From here, Alwarbagh is about 60 km and a few swirls of dust away.

The arrival at Alwarbagh

Built in a heritage style, Alwarbagh is managed by Aamod Resorts. Not too far from the city, where life runs haywire, the resort is set in the quietness of its nature-rich neighbourhood.



Set out to trek the Aravallis and you may spot some exotic wildlife!

The Aravallis around Alwarbagh offer an easily accessible trek route. In the surrounding roughs of the trees and the long-grown grass roam Nilgais  and Sambars that one may spot if patient enough.

Inside the resort one can indulge in a host of in-house adventure activities organised in a mini boot-camp setup.  Well-trained instructors lead your way up a climbing net or an artificial climbing rock and your way down rappelling.

At Alwarbagh, it’s all about having a geared up escape by doing things and making experiential memories. Staff at the resort takes good care of you; while you can get your travel and adventure weariness massaged away at the spa facility here, a star-studded nature treatment is highly recommended.  Away from the city buzz, Alwar is also clear of the city-smoke and pollution. The sky is mystical at night with a spread of a million stars that you can gaze.

“This is what separates us from others. We are about giving good experiences to our guests by means of all these activities. It’s about doing things and making memories. This is something I believe in,” says Gaurav Jain, managing director, Aamod Resorts.

So when at Alwarbagh, roister in the adventures and activities. An escape to Alwarbagh can be planned around your calendar but prior bookings are recommended as the resort may have been occupied by weddings or corporate guests or other travellers. The resort after all falls in the proximity of the ‘golden triangle’, a famed tourist circuit.

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