Flourishing Golf Tourism in India

Some of the oldest and highest golf courses in the world


April 6, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

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Plush golf courses are coming up across India and the popularity of the sport is also backed by sightseeing and exploration of business opportunities. Golf tourism in the country is, thus, growing in stature with courses that are among the oldest and highest in the world.

Golf tourism has finally made a noticeable presence in India as golfing holidays have now become a trend, which finds its roots in the colonial era. The British Empire left a legacy in form of the royal golf courses of the time, and most of them are still operational. However, not only for expeditions, but many entrepreneurs are choosing golf tourneys for directing business meetings as they bring forth an ideal setting and professionals agree that golf is the ultimate networking sport.

Indian Golf Union, which was established in 1955 in New Delhi, took over responsibilities for golf organisation and development from the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, which had been handling India’s golfing interests since its inception in 1829. Since then, a good number of golf courses have been developed across the country and today, India boasts off hundreds of them.

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