Interview with Gagan Gambhir, Founder, Tisya Stays Goa

Customised vacation rentals in North Goa, because one size doesn’t fit all


August 30, 2023

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Interview with Gagan Gambhir, Founder, Tisya Stays Goa

Starting from 1-bedroom the villas go upto 12 bedrooms

Visitors to Goa looking for luxury holidays with total privacy and all amenities now have the option of booking into villas that range from 1-12 bedrooms. Gagan Gambhir, Founder of Tisya Stays, that offers a collection of 14 luxurious private pool villas in North Goa, says that the flexibility in terms of size of the villas as well as the privacy, along with all the luxury amenities, make the villas a far better option than hotels.

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Gagan Gambhir

Gagan Gambhir

What is your target clientele?

For anyone who is looking for a luxury custom-made accommodation in North Goa, we are the preferred brand. We firmly believe in the concept of once size doesn’t fit all and hence we have a wide range of options to choose from. Starting from 1-bedroom villas upto 12 bedrooms, we have it all. These villas provide you more space than you would have in a hotel room. This is especially useful for bigger gatherings. Moreover, these villas come with all amenities. A multi-bedroom rental frequently includes amenities such as WiFi and swimming pools, which you do not have to share with other travellers, except the ones within your group. So it is a super private affair. Plus, you can also choose how many people remain in each bedroom. Another advantage is that the cost of a vacation house rental is frequently less than the cost of a hotel room if you travel in a large group.

What is the price of these villas?

While the price range for apartments starts from INR 5000 per night for an apartment with a single bedroom, hall and kitchen, they can go up to INR 17,000 for a penthouse. 

The rates for luxury villas with private pool start from INR 15,000 per night for a 400 sqm villa with a bedroom, hall and kitchen, while a 5-bedroom villa starts from INR 50,000 a night.

What is your marketing strategy?

We are a modern age company who rely heavily on digital media. About 70 pc of our marketing spend goes on this channel while not to miss the travel trade channel where we have few key representatives across the country promoting our product.

Do these villas come with full service?

There are two kinds of properties, stand alone and gated villas

All our villas are fully serviced which means they come with a caretaker and housekeeping staff . This essentially means that cleaning and turn down service happens daily with all the replenishments namely toiletries and bath linen.

With regards to other services we have an in house concierge team which facilitates most of the things which you need when you are on holiday like car rental, chef on call or in house sit down dinners. This is a very unique service that we have been running successfully since last two years.

How are your villas different from villas available on Airbnb?

Airbnb is a hosting platform, you may find most of the villas and other alternate accommodation available for rent are on this platform hence there is no differential.

What kind of activities are provided in the villas?

There are two kinds of properties, stand alone and gated villas. While most of the indoor facilities are similar like board games, smart televisions and private pool, the only difference is in the open areas or the gardens.

What has been the feedback of your guests so far?

The rates for luxury villas with private pool start from INR 15,000 per night

There are quite a few elements that our guests have appreciated. These include the spotlessly clean and hygienic properties, the privacy offered, ease of living, the concierge as well as the fact that we blanket the guests, taking over all their needs and requirements during their stay, from restaurant bookings to organising sit-down dinners.

The fact that in under two years of operations, over 30 pc of our guests are repeats and referrals, it is a very encouraging sign of their feedback about us.



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