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November 14, 2018

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A living testimony to its rich culture, heritage and tourism, Jammu has a plethora of sightseeing places which holds many spellbound histories within its forts, temples and palaces.

A true burst of colours!

Jammu, the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, a north Indian state is known for its spellbinding mountainscape. It is a perfect destination for every tourist who is enthusiastic about adventure activities. Famous for many of its original craft, the city has gained worldwide fame for extremely beautiful silk carpets, elegant and graceful hand-woven pashmina (cashmere wool) shawls, silverware with naqashi (an art form), wool, handcrafted paper mache decorative items, carved walnut woodwork and many more. Shopping in this city is a remarkable experience to initiate and explore the world-class fabric and unmatched gorgeous handmade artwork. Jammu houses many bazaars (markets) that match the need of the buyer and every item that one buys from here has an authentic vibe.

Jammu is also known and famous for the variety of dry fruits in the region, legendary temples each having its own interesting story.  Different variety of clothes whether traditional, casual or modern this place has got it all. Apart from clothing, it has a variety of accessories to match the apparel and style. The soul blooming nature of the valley is perfectly represented with the variety of flowers in the flower market. This city has an amazing aura that invites and lets one explore the true vibe of happiness around every corner. The vast wilderness looks spectacular and picturesque as much as the vintage towns and cities bind together to make up for the list of best places to visit in Jammu.

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