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No train ticket? just fly! Rajdhani passengers to get a flight upgrade

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May 26, 2016

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IRCTC is going to extend an innovative upgrade to the waiting list passengers of Rajdhani

If your Rajdhani train ticket is not confirmed, Air India might welcome you on board.

In the latest pact proposed and agreed between the Indian flag carrier and IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation); passengers with unconfirmed Rajdhani train tickets will be offered an option to upgrade their tickets to an airline seat. According to the recent statements from the two national transport bodies, the facility will be rolled out within a week.

The new system is designed to send wait-listed passengers a message from the IRCTC, giving them the option to travel by Air India instead.

Value upgrade

The passengers might have to pay a little extra for the upgrade. However, the choice of boarding an Air India flight is definitely going to come as a respite for a number of regular passengers travelling for business across the country.

The waiting list passengers of AC First Class of Rajdhani trains would not have to pay any additional amount, in case they want a flight ticket update and its available. In the case of those booked on Rajdhani Second and Third AC classes, the passengers would have to pay up to INR 2,000 per ticket as an additional amount for flying with Air India.

Moreover, this latest move is expected to help Air India in filling up more seats on its planes, amid the carrier working on ways to turnaround its fortunes. Meanwhile, Air India is chalking out ambitious expansion plan to operate more number of smaller aircraft in various states as they look to increase regional air connectivity.



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