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Scandinavia emerging as a lucrative destination for Indian travellers

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October 4, 2016

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Scandinavian Tourist Board reaches out to Indian travellers

Scandinavian Tourist Board reaches out to Indian travellers

Scandinavian Tourist Board organised a roadshow in India, starting with New Delhi, titled ‘Explore Scandinavia’, in an attempt to unravel the opportunity of visiting the three Scandinavian nations, Denmark, Norway and Sweden – countries that remain practically unexplored by Indians visiting Europe.

Held by tourism boards of the three countries along with a few travel operators, destination marketing companies and cruise and voyage companies, the event in New Delhi showcased the wonderful options that lay ahead to be explored for Indian travellers visiting Denmark, Norway and/or Sweden. All three countries offer a melange of experiences, which are yet to be availed by many Indian travellers, and the event sought to show the plethora of options and the ease of access to these countries.

The Scandinavian Board, organising the roadshow for the last eight years, seeks to engage with the travel trade. According to Mohit Batra from the Scandinavian Tourist Board office in New Delhi, “We want to inspirit through showcase of destinations. 25 Scandinavian partners are present this year, and will be visiting Bangalore and Mumbai as well.”

New ways of connecting with travel professionals and travellers have been taken up by the world. Mohit said, “Social media has been crucial in spreading information. We constantly share this beautiful region with thousands of travellers looking for new inspirations.”

The Scandinavian sojourn

Speaking about the three countries, the interactive event provided a glimpse into the culture of each country, alongside the probable activities and destinations in the region. The Stromma Group, which organises tours and cruises across the Scandinavian region, showcased the cultural richness of these Viking lands and the breath-taking landscapes and natural beauty that the countries have to offer.

“Denmark is relaxed an easy, and a great place for families; Norway is particularly famous for its ‘fjords’ and northern lights; and Sweden is home to great design and technology,” revealed Mohit. A common theme for all the three countries was their commitment to conservation of the environment and use of eco-friendly and sustainable practices and infrastructure in the hospitality industry. Go Boats, solar-panelled picnic boats in Denmark, a cycling culture in Sweden and the well preserved pristine landscapes of Norway reveal the love and respect for the environment by these countries.

Known as the happiest nation in the world, Denmark has a rich history of the royal. Copenhagen, the capital of the country, is home to canals, cafes, museums and galleries, “all wrapped in a fairy-tale-like fascinating atmosphere” as representatives from Visit Denmark claimed.

The event saw participation in large numbers.

The event saw participation in large numbers.

Norway, home to sublime and serene landscapes and the spectacular mountains which offer views of northern lights, is another great destination for Indian travellers to explore. “Whether it is the fjords, glaciers, the spectacular roads such as the Atlantic Ocean Road, there is so much for the visual appetite,” said Mohit. Visit Norway revealed that cruises across the fjords, the main attraction of Norway, can offer an immersive experience in this unique natural setting.

The representatives from Visit Sweden added that apart from being the land of Nobel Prize, Volvo, Koenigsegg and Spotify, the country is home to the beautiful archipelagos around Stockholm and an exquisite marine diversity. Lotts Anderson, Marketing Manager, Visit Stockholm said, “Stockholm is a great city for Indian travellers. With the large number of Michelin-starred restaurants and new Nordic cuisine being served, it is also a food lover’s delight.”

With a wholesome experience being offered by the Scandinavian countries for Indian travellers and also efforts being made by the Scandinavian Tourist Board, the number of outbound Indian tourists for Scandinavia is more than likely to increase in leaps and bounds.

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