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November 9, 2017

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Wine tasting at a vineyard is a special experience

Wine tasting at a vineyard is a special experience

A two-hour drive from Bengaluru in southern India, Heritage Vineyards makes for a pleasant and relaxing visit.

Sipping wine while soaking in the sun and fresh air is a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Bengaluru, the southern Indian city that has been nicknamed the Silicon Valley of India, is surrounded by a number of vineyards within a driving distance, with those such as Heritage Vineyards offering a place to stay overnight for a short and invigorating break from the city.

At the Heritage Vineyards, which offers a guesthouse and a restaurant as well as a tasting room, guided wine tours begin from 10:30am and run till 5:30pm. The tour, as it takes place inside the vineyard, brings to life the process of growing and making wine, supplemented by the tasting. Depending on the season, one may or may not see the actual grapes from which Heritage wine is made, but overall, the experience of learning about and tasting the wine where it is made is quite memorable.

Several visitors to this vineyard opt to come early in the day and leave by night back to the city but there are also those who opt to stay back in the guesthouse for a night or two. The wines found here include Heritage as well as Sula wines, of which five are offered during the tasting such as a Cabernet, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc and the popular Heritage 2000 premium wine and Heritage sweet red wines. Initially its own winery, Heritage has been bought now by Sula, a bigger Indian company from Nashik, whose products can be found internationally.

Wine elsewhere

Besides Heritage Vineyards, there are a number of vineyards around and close to Bengaluru that are becoming popular places to visit, for their tranquil atmosphere as well as beverage on offer. For lovers of the Grover Zampa brand, an old and established name in India, their vineyard is located on the outskirts of the city. Their La Reserve range is available in their tasting room, which is located in their 400 acre vineyard.

There is also Bangalore Soma Vineyards, which is a smaller boutique vineyard in a picturesque backdrop with a lake, north of the city where one can stay the night. This is an option for those who want a more intimate and special wine tasting experience.

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