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October 21, 2017

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Walking by Kasol, one can spot the river Parvati and the mountains meeting

Walking by Kasol, one can spot the river Parvati and the mountains meeting

Kasol, located in Parvati valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India offers a relaxing, exciting and rejuvenating escape.

With picture-perfect backdrops that are lined with flower trees and winding roads, Parvati Valley is a dreamy destination that charms any visitor. Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, this valley has become known for its most popular destination, Kasol, which is frequented by visitors from India and all over the world, in large numbers. A valley that serves as a point for trekkers, this destination has come to be known for its large open-air parties as well. An overnight bus journey away from the capital city New Delhi, Kasol and its surrounding hamlets are a must visit for those who love the hills.

As the Himalayan mountain ranges pass through Himachal Pradesh, this state has become increasingly popular for tourists, who head to places such as Shimla and Dharamshala apart from Kasol to soak in the mountain air. For serious trekkers as well, Himachal Pradesh is a favourite. Kasol, in the Kullu district, as a destination in itself as well as a base point for several places around has grown in reputation over the years for its scenic location and relaxed atmosphere. With the river Parvati flowing steadily against the sharp, grand Himalayan mountains, this town has become a popular spot for families, solo travellers as well as backpackers from across the world.

Walking through Kasol, one can find several world cuisines, junk jewellery, hippie clothing and spots next to the river that makes for resting places. The summer is high season, with the months of April to June or July seeing a rise in numbers here. Hence, it is better to avoid the hills during this time if you’re headed there for some serenity. For those who do want to go to Kasol and other places in summer months, the valley plays host to a number of open-air parties, with its main focus on electronic and psychedelic trance music. This jarring contrast of heavy beats against the calm waters of Parvati underneath the still mountains has proven quite a hit with international travellers who visit here, many of whom are from Israel.

Close to Kasol

For those visiting Kasol, it is not the only destination that is at the end of the journey. Even as it is worth seeing in itself, there are several places around, which are accessible by short bus or taxi rides in addition to treks. Perhaps the closest to Kasol and a popular half-day trip from there is Chalal, which is a forty-minute walk from Kasol, accessible by the bridge behind the town. Another quick trip to Manikaran is a popular thing to do for religious and spiritual travellers.

Besides the village of Malana, which is known for its unique culture and cannabis cultivation, there are several villages in the valley which are best discovered slowly. For trekking, one can do the Kheerganga trek for beginners to moderate or Pin Parvati Pass for the more advanced. However, like most picturesque places, soaking in the beauty of Kasol is best done in inactivity, sitting still and listening to the songs of birds and the river while the mighty Himalayas watch over.

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