The historic lanes of Rampuria havelis

A walk through the pride of Bikaner



February 22, 2019

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Bikaner dazzles its visitors with its majestic mansions, colourful markets, narrow alleys and traditional neighbourhood. The Rampuria haveli (mansion) in Bikaner known for its 400-year old architectural splendour, brings forth an exquisite blend of antiquity, magnificence and elegance. 

The city of Bikaner, in the north Indian state of Rajasthan, has its own contrast. On the one hand visitors are mesmerised by the rich history and the local bazaars, while on the other the festivals and fairs invites thousands of visitors from across the globe to witness the mix of present and past.

Rampuria haveli, also known as the pride of Bikaner, is an exquisite blend of relic, magnificence and elegance. The bright red coloured mansions seems stunning, ornate and magnificent that are structured to befit the wealthy lifestyle of the Rampurias– the most powerful merchant family. The intricate detail work of the havelis which are designed with jharokhas(windows), arches and stunning front façade giving it an exotic look with fine latticework. The Rampuria havelis are a group of seven havelis that has its own name, but all of them are collectively known as the Rampuria havelis.  The narrow lanes of the colourful streets offer a wonderful experience to explore the old city of Bikaner, giving a peek into the lifestyle of the natives. The old city also brings a colourful view to the stunning Jain Bhandasar temple, a temple made of ghee (clarified butter).

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