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Shri Radha Brij Vasundhra Resort and Spa, Mathura


August 22, 2018

/ By / Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

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Upon setting foot in the Shri Radha Brij Vasundhra Resort and Spa, rabbits, friendly monkeys and the sweet sound of different kinds of bird welcome us.

Along with its spiritual atmosphere, Mathura offers abodes with an eco-friendly touch. Located at a culturally important location by the sacred Govardhan Hill, which is visited by people from around the world, the resort offers luxury cottages as accommodation. The conceptualisation of the place offers a taste of nature along with the spiritual essence of Mathura with its unique ambiance and decor.

As we proceed towards the lounge area, people relax by the swimming pool, while some head to the spa for some meditative relaxation. The resort also features a wellness centre with activities like pit yoga, cycling, sauna, etc.

Upon stepping out, the guides at the resort help us with nature trails, bird watching and experiencing local life in the vicinity of the property.

After a tiring expedition, we de-stress with the resort’s specialty – the candle massage that is done using the hot oil that melts from a lit aroma candle.

As we further explore the resort, we notice that the locally trained yet professional staff is on their toes to provide a helping hand at any time. “Catering to our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), we are actively involved in employing local people to train and uplift them. We also partake in the upkeep of animals that come here and plant trees,” says Tanya Agrawal, director, Shri Radha Brij Vasundhra Resort and Spa.

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